Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Security has always been a concern with any type of computing device. With the advent and expansion of mobile devices, security threats will continue to expand. One estimate states that attacks on mobile devices rose 46% in 2010. Granted, this is slightly misleading, because with the increase in attacks, there Read more…

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Amazon Appstore for Android

Android Market, Online

Last week, Google introduced the online Android Market. Using the Market in your browser, you can search, view, and download Android applications straight to your Android-enabled device. This is a great way to deliver content. I often resented Apple’s genius iTunes application for allowing selection and installation of applications to Read more…

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Android OS

Android Gains Marketshare Over iPhone

There’s a post from Apple Insider that reports Apple is losing ground in the smartphone war to Android devices. The post shows that from September to December 2010, subscribers using Android devices increased 7%, while the number of users of iPhone devices only increased 0.7%. What’s more, it seems smartphone users Read more…

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Just in Time for Valentines

While it isn't technically a law-related mobile application, Angry Birds, the popular puzzle game gets it's seasonal update. The Valentine's pack is available for download in the Android market. The latest update features 15 new levels, and a lot of time wasting fun. I downloaded the seasons pack for fun, Read more…

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Smartphones & Tablets

Motorola Xoom

By now, you've seen the commercial for the new Motorola Xoom. In case you haven't, here's the teaser that aired during the Super Bowl: The problem is, now we're starting to find out that this may not be the iPad/Apple killer that perhaps Motorola hoped.  Many people are upset because Read more…

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A Few of My Favorite Apps

When I first got my Motorola Droid, I downloaded a gazillion different applications, just because I could. The problem was, I could never use them all, and some would just take up so much space. Now, after smartening up, I have a core set of applications that I regularly use Read more…

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