Google Lens is a picture recognition program that allows you to snap a photo of an object, sign, place, or other item, and then using Google’s search engine to gather information. (Google Lens is similar to Amazon’s picture search program available in the Amazon Shopping app.)

And now, Google Lens is rolling out to Google Photos users.

Users should see the option in the next few days. Here’s a quick look at how Google Lens works on the Pixel 2.

Playing with Google Lens

You can easily find the Google Lens link by opening a photo and selecting the button in Google Photos.

From there, Google Lens will show a bunch of “search dots” and attempt to find relevant information. Be warned that Google Lens currently doesn’t recognize your friends (although Google Photos already has that ability to recognize and sort), but the program can find text, places, and other items.

Google Lens is limited right now, but more functionality is coming soon. Google Lens is pretty impressive at recognizing the things it’s able to.

Generally, if the picture is clear, Google Lens worked well. However, add a little glare or make the picture slightly angles, and I couldn’t get Google Lens to recognize anything — it’s a preview program afterall.

I can see a number of future uses for this in a general sense, but it’s too early to say that Google Lens is a “game changer” for attorneys. Perhaps the best feature is the text selection aspect, enabling you to grab the text from the picture.

Go check Google Photos and see whether Google Lens is available in your Google Photos app.

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