We’re in full-fledged girl’s volleyball mode in our household right now, as our oldest is playing in club and school volleyball leagues — she’s playing the libero position. Unfortunately, part of the obligation of club volleyball is attending the tournaments and practices — I think that’s technically called “parenting.” (Since I’m all about bragging, her team has 2 first place and 1 second place tournament finishes.)

Most of the tournaments have a small scorecard at the scorekeepers table, which makes it difficult to track how well the team’s doing in each game. And being naturally competitive, I wanted to find my own way to follow the game. Enter Volleyball Score app from WespiApps.

Easy to manage

Creating a volleyball scorekeeping app isn’t too difficult. The app doesn’t need to do much except track points on either side of the ball, since the rules of volleyball are pretty simple. Volleyball Score app does just that, with a little more flair. Volleyball Score does a good job of keeping the scorekeeping screen simple.

You can edit team names, as well as other functions like team colors, points to win, and sets all inside the settings menu.

Volleyball Score also has an option to use indoor or beach volleyball preset rules, to make setting up a match much easier.

But I think the biggest benefit of Volleyball Score is its ability to create a public game for Android, iOS, or web users.

This is where you can let friends and family, or the public in general, view the game’s progress. The game is shared across the internet in nearly real time, bringing folks closer to the action. Users connect to an existing public game using the provided game ID.

That’s cool, but the app gets better

Okay, now are you ready for the really great part? All of this comes to you for free. That’s right, no cost. And even better, since most “free” games are ad funded, this app doesn’t have ads. You read that right: it’s ad free from the start.

Of course, there is a “Buy me a coffee” option in the settings menu, which you should totally support — it’s a $3 investment, which totally doesn’t buy a decent cup, so donate more.

Here’s how you should use this app

Because I’m not the organizer of any of these tournaments, I keep my mouth shut about my use of this app. Those around me know I’m tracking the score, and those I share with also have a pulse. But otherwise, I’m silent (as I should be.)

However, if I was running the show (or I wanted to add my two cents) I’d definitely incorporate this app and web interface by connecting a larger-screen television or monitor. Since the program has a web interface, you could connect a laptop and display your browser page from there. The webpage has the same public sharing settings, so you’d display the sharing code for the match and parents can connect to the site.

Or if you wanted to save space, simply connect a Google Cast device to a screen and mirror your phone’s screen. Yes, you won’t be able to surf Facebook while you’re keeping score, but you shouldn’t be surfing anyway. After mirroring, simply share the public ID and you’re off.

A great app for a great price

Ultimately, if you’re in “full-fledged volleyball” mode, you’re going to love this app. It’s free, tracks the game easily, and allows you to share scores across the internet.

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