Google announced that Android Pay will now be called, Google Pay. This isn’t the biggest shocker of a news story, given that Android Pay doesn’t really encompass all of the mobile payments features options.

Personally, I use Android Pay for a lot of my transactions, since it’s easy to use, and doesn’t require a card. Plus, I love that I can see all of my transactions listed, and I have access to all of my loyalty cards and other programs.¬†Unfortunately, my current bank doesn’t accept Android Pay, so I have to route all of my transactions through my PayPal account, or through my VISA credit card.

On the other hand, my wife is not a fan of mobile payments — in this case she’s lazy and “doesn’t want to set it up” — so she avoids using her phone. I know others who have concerns about security and safety. Of course, there are those issues, but my belief is that I’d rather have Google (or PayPal or other reputable providers) managing my online transactions, than simply entering my information onto some website. Or even worse, using my actual debit or credit card at a terminal or in a store — I’ve had one merchant’s employee steal the card information from the register receipt and attempt to use it.

The rebranding of Android Pay to Google Pay more fully encompasses the depth of Google’s payment transaction program. Google Pay already has online payment benefits linked in your browser, and in the future will enable you to send and receive money. I’m excited for the expanded capabilities.

What do you think about mobile payments? Are you a user, or an avoider? What are your biggest fears? Security? Difficulty? And if you are a mobile payments user, what platform do you prefer? Apple Pay? Samsung Pay? Google Pay? Something else?

Jeff Taylor

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