Right now I’m absolutely frustrated with an opposing counsel’s email system. He (or she) is using a large email host (that rhymes with Box) as his (or her) primary email address.

The problem (this time) with opposing counsel’s email server is that it keeps bouncing back undeliverable messages.

As you can imagine, being unable to send even the most mundane email response is quite burdensome, not to mention time consuming. (Incidentally, his (or her) “solution” was to fax all of my messages.)

It’s 2018 and email is easy

Email doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s quite an easy program to master.

Of course, I’m not a fan of the server system that rhymes with box, or the other system with an exclamation point, or even that “hot mail” system. I favor Gmail, and more particularly G Suite for lawyers, or Microsoft’s Office 365 program.

If you’re an attorney and you’re still using a non-personalized email address, you need to change. And if you’re an attorney and the solution to your mail server issues is “fax it,” you really need to change. In 2018, and beyond, there’s no excuse for your firm or company to be using a subpar email host.

Subpar email hosting is a reflection of you and your firm. A client (or OC) who can’t communicate with you will become frustrated and lose faith. Don’t let that happen.

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