Several years ago, I ran a little challenge to create a California-styled pleading for Google Docs. The end result was the creation of a two well-designed pleading templates California lawyers can use to create documents.

California Google Docs Pleading

Two different documents

We ended up creating two separate pleading documents, which I call the traditional and modern versions. The only basic difference is the removal of the left side lines in the Modern template. The pleadings work well (so I’m told), and they’re pretty self-explanatory for creating the document. Here’s a full view of the traditional template.

You’re charging for this?

Unfortunately, and unlike my Arizona or Montana pleadings, I’m charging $10 for these two templates; and the reasons are simple. First, I actually paid the developers to create these templates, so I’d like to recoup my costs (this is a very, very small market).

Second, these are the best pleading templates for Google Docs. Period. I’ve seen and used all of the others (some of which may contain viruses – no kidding), and I’m not bragging or over-hyping this product when I promise that you’ll love these templates. And if you don’t, I’ll gladly send you back your purchase fee plus 10%.

Once you purchase, the template is yours to use, modify, and keep. All I ask is that you don’t share.

You can purchase using this button and your PayPal account. (If you want other ways to pay, please contact me.)

Once you’ve paid, I’ll receive an email letting me know you’ve given me some of your hard-earned cash. Because this is a Google Docs file, versus a direct download, I’ll actually have to share the folder with you before you can use the templates. This may take me a little while – if you don’t see an email within 4 hours, please let me know so I can move quickly. I try to give you access within minutes of your purchase.

Where my files at?

You’ll get an email from me stating your files are shared with you. You can click on each one individually, or go to Google Drive to view them in your “Shared with me” folder. These are shared in view only mode, which means you can’t edit – because some people don’t read the instructions – until you actually copy the files.

Inside this folder, you’ll see the files lined up. Simply drag your cursor to select all of the files.

And then right-click to option the options menu, where you’ll select, Make a copy.This will push the files into your My Drive folder, where they’ll be saved on a permanent basis.


Feel free to “edit, revise, review, and finalize” these files to your heart’s content — although I would suggest you keep your master copies somewhere else.

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