Despite the disaster with its Galaxy Note 7 phones, Samsung has always been a leader within the phone market. But because I’ve always been a bit of a snob regarding Android devices, I’ve somewhat snubbed this manufacturer. That is, until I upgraded to a Galaxy S7.

An Upgrade on a Whim

The upgrade came as an anniversary “present” for my wife.

A few years ago, we transferred from Verizon to T-Mobile, to take advantage of pricing and features. T-Mobile is a great company, but every time we’d leave a metropolitan area, data and calling coverage suffered. At one point, T-Mobile stranded my wife with a dead battery. In the perfect, cataclysmic cloud, she was unable to call for assistance, or even send an email. This time it became, “if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” And so T-Mobile lost and Verizon gained.

Naturally, we took advantage of an offer to purchase two phones for one, so we opted for two, non-matching Samsung Galaxy S7 devices.

Some Thoughts on Samsung

The move was months ago, and despite Google’s newest lines of devices, I’m still quite satisfied with the functionality of my Galaxy S7.

Computing Power

Samsung has always been an innovator when it comes to offering power packed devices for a lower cost. Their tablets are second to none (are there any other tablet makers right now?), and their phones have always showed other what could be with a little extra effort.


I know that Google’s improved its camera power, but Samsung has always led that category. My wife hated the cameras in our other Nexus devices, but the 12 MP camera on the Galaxy S7 keeps her happy. (And even better, it keeps her from wanting an iPhone, “with it’s way better camera.”)

Waterproof (and a bit Lifeproof)

The first time I splashed into the pool with my phone, everyone was shocked. And when I took some great action and underwater shots, they were amazed. There are a number of videos matching the Galaxy S7 against the iPhone 6 in a waterproof test. Here’s just one example:

And then this video shows the durability of the device:

Battery Life and Wireless Charging

My company issued me a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone for work. This is a good device, and is the precursor to the S7. Once of the great add-on features to the Galaxy S5 is the ability to add wireless charging. Forget cables. All you need to keep your device powered up is a charging pad. (Incidentally, I have this charging pad from Anker, which is around $14US on Amazon.)

The other benefit is the battery life on these devices. While I’m usually somewhere near a charging cord to keep me topped, I’m quite impressed that I can often go an entire day without charging my device. Of course, I make sure I turn down my screen brightness, and only use the phone when I need to. But I’ve been to parties and other events with friends whose iPhones are long shut down, and I’m the one still taking the group shots.

Easy Interface

While I prefer having the “Google look” for my device, my wife is content (and prefers) using Samsung’s native system. She finds it easy to use and manage, “familiar,” and very user friendly.

Samsung Continues to Innovate

Hopefully, Samsung will continue innovating on its already powerful products. Their market share has forced other manufacturers to create better devices for consumers.

If you own a Samsung device, I’d like to hear about your experience. Has it been as friendly as mine? Or do you have a nightmare?

Jeff Taylor

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Randy Evers · December 17, 2016 at 7:26 am

Galaxy S6, 64 gigs. It rocks. I had an S4 before that. It rocked, too. My next phone will probably be an S8 sometime next spring.

I do have to take exception to the statement that Samsung tabs are second to none. They are very good, but the Google Pixel C blows them out of the water.

Greg · December 17, 2016 at 7:31 am

Never no way. Too much bloat and tinkering with beautiful stock Android. Some of the Nexus stuff was true but then again 3 models ago? I’ve got a moto x pure and our great. Wife has a moto g + x and it’s great (purchased for less than a 3rd of the cost of a galaxy). Compare the Samsung to the pixel and the winner is clear in every review I’ve seen.

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