Netflix has introduced a simple method for tracking internet download speed, in an effort to expose your ISP’s effect on your internet experience.


The site is Speed tests are ad-free, but you can compare results with other speedster sites. runs a download/upload sequence from Netflix’s servers, and displays a result.

This is great timing, especially after seeing a couple of these Verizon commercials featuring Ricky Gervais.

Well, I compared my work’s mobile service — Verizon — versus my personal mobile service — T-Mobile. The results speak for themselves. (Tested in two¬†different locations at two separate times.)

Verizon versus T-Mobile

Incidentally, the top most picture in this post is taken from my desktop connected to my Cox Communications cable system. Here’s the same connection on my Verizon hotspot.


This isn’t so drastic (well, it is), because 1) the location of my desktop, and 2) it’s a wireless connection to a slower, older modem/router. But it’s still frustrating.

Now, you should recognize that connection speeds vary because of a number of factors, including location, distance from the tower, number of users, phone type, etc.

Sorry, T-Mobile. The move was fun, but it’s not worth the hassles.



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