When some company you’ve never heard of offers you free products to review, you don’t turn them down. And that’s exactly what IK Multimedia offered to me a review of their iRig Mic Lav ($49.99).


Sophisticated simplicity

I’ve owned a number of lavalier microphones over a number of years. I worked my way through college creating wedding videos, and the wireless microphone was an important tool.

The iRig microphone isn’t wireless, but has the compact ability to plug into your mobile device’s headphone outlet to create a clearer audio signal.

iRig single

I didn’t have any issues with my devices recognizing the microphone. And once I connected, the phone and mic did all of the work. The lavalier is “chainable” through the an audio in port, which allows you to link multiple iRig lavalier mics together.


I didn’t test this feature, but I’m assuming it works well.

Audio quality

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of audio coming from this lavalier. We tested the mic in the dining room with multiple other distractions, and the microphone minimized external noise to focus on the speaker.

I was pleased to see successful audio tests in other areas.

IK Multimedia has an Android app, iRig Recorder, for instances when you’re just seeking audio. I wasn’t too impressed with the app — no automatic shut down, clumsy controls — but I think you can get by with other recording apps. The app’s not needed for recording video (my main focus), so I ditched it.

What would I ever use this for?

Honestly, unless you’re a budding recording artist, there may be only a few opportunities when you’ll use a lavalier microphone. For lawyers, the most obvious use is to record witness statements or other, similar statements. Of course, you can also use the lavalier to capture higher quality audio for marketing videos, or even podcasts. I think, at least depending on the circumstances, a “selfie” promotional/information video would be kind of cool to create. And you’d definitely want to use the microphone to get the message out.

Overall, this is a great microphone at a great price. At $49.99, the iRig Mic Lav shows your audience that your care about their experience, and you’re not busting your budget to give them a quality broadcast.

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