Well, Netflix is finally on your Android device. Through a program called, PlayOn, you can watch your favorite shows on Hulu, Netflix, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and TBS, just to name a few. It's actually a really cool idea.

Here's how it works:

You download and install the desktop application to your PC (sorry Mac owners, not compatible).

Then you download and install the Android application to your device.

Once installed, you can select a variety of shows from the providers, and start watching.

The great thing too, is that you can install the program on other electronic devices like the Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Now you have access across the board.

There is a one little "kink": after the 14 days trial period you'll need to decide whether to spend money on the service. Licenses cost either $39.99 ($14.99 each year after) for an annual subscription, or $79.99 for an unlimited lifetime subscription. Obviously, I think the lifetime subscription is better.

My one concern though is the continued success of the program. In order to watch any of the "good channels" such as Netflix or Hulu, you have to also subscribe to their services. I'm not sure how many people with opt to subscribe to both services.

So, how does it rate?

Overall, the concept and interface is fantastic. I tested the program on my Motorola Droid and my home network (Acer Aspire Win XP, 2.01 GHZ processor, 768 MB RAM), using WiFi and 3G connection.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the video playback on the 3G. The video lagged and was immensely annoying. However, when I checked the minimum requirements, I found that my home computer lacked the recommended processing capabilities, which could factor into the poor quality.

When I connected with WiFi, the playback improved significantly. While there was still a slight lag, it didn't diminish the viewing experience nearly as much as the 3G connection.

The program performed better on my office desktop (Compaq CQ5320F, Win 7, 2.8 GHZ processor, 3 GB RAM). I believe that the slower computer was the issue.


PlayOn Android Application QR Code

PlayOn Android Application Screen Shot


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