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Tag Archives: Security

The Associate’s Smartphone Security Test

Smartphones are vulnerable; too often we fail to protect them as we should. Here’s a quick test to determine just how vigilant you are about your device security.Continue Reading

How Serious Are You About Security?

Some lawyers get concerned with using cloud services, but that’s not as scary as what could happen in your own law office.Continue Reading

A Simple Password Change Can Save Your Identity

It’s one of the hottest industries online and one almost guaranteed to make you more money than you ever dreamed of… as long as you’re willing to risk the price. This is the lure that turns thousands of unscrupulous people into identity thieves each year. In 2012, more than 12 million people were victims ofContinue Reading

PSA: Watch Out for Android Device Manager

Google’s answer to Apple’s “find my phone” feature is Android Device Manager. I love being able to remotely ring my phone to find it snuggled in the couch cushions. ADM is great, a godsend to Android users struggling to locate their devices. There’s the ADM website and Google recently released an Android app. I dutifully installedContinue Reading

Android Device Manager, Now in App Form

Everyone who reads this blog knows how much I advocate that every Android user enables Android Device Manager. If you don’t know, ADM is Android’s answer to Apple’s popular Find My iPhone feature. ADM allows you to remotely locate, lock, ring, or wipe your Android device. In terms of worth, ADM is a cheap wayContinue Reading

How to: Check Where and When You’ve Been, and Then Shut it Down

Android devices are powerful weapons of mass destruction for boosting productivity and communications. Quite frankly, I’m addicted to the connectivity. But, as we move more toward a totally connected world, it’s probably scarier than we can all imagine. Remember the NSA? Just go and visit this site. I’ll wait . . . Scary, right? TrackingContinue Reading

How-to: Adjust Location Sharing in Google+

One secret that I’m hiding from Mrs. The Droid Lawyer is the fact that I can monitor her whereabouts. Anywhere her phone goes, I can follow. Of course, if she’s reading this post, she’s going to know my secret, so she’ll either be really mad, or be really mad and follow these steps to shut me out.Continue Reading

How-to: Understand Android Permissions

Android lovers love to claim that Android is more secure than iOS because of Android’s “sandboxing” method. This means that each app is required to request permission to run or use on Android system resources. The problem is, many Android users neglect to check their apps permissions. Even though in nine of ten installations, ignoringContinue Reading