Privacy Be Damned!

Surprise! The NSA is, has been, and will continue, accessing telephone numbers of your known associates and classifying users as terrorists until you’re no longer guilty. I’m not very surprised that a secret court, authorized a secret government agency, to secretly surveille the personal records of its citizens. I’m just Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago
Android App Review

Android App Review: Clueful

Admit it: quite often sometimes you’ve installed an app without fully examining the permissions. No shame, we’ve all been there. If someone tells you they always check, and you believe them, you probably also believe this guy did not have sexual relations with this girl. I’m always curious about how public my Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago

“All of Your Photos Belong to Us”

Instagram, the popular Facebook-owned photo editing/sharing app/site, is changing its terms of service and throwing users’ privacy out of the door. Now, we know that privacy, for all of its intents and purposes, is non-existent in today’s age of social-media sharing. So, my biggest complaint with Instagram’s new Terms of Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago

Android and Apple Apps Required to Have Privacy Policies

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced an agreement between California DOJ, Apple, Google, Research In Motion, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Amazon, which will establish policies that require app-developers to have privacy policies in place for apps that collect personal information. The press release claims, “This agreement will allow consumers the opportunity Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago