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Tag Archives: PC World

21 Google Calendar Tricks

One of the reasons I love Google Calendar is because I can access the program across multiple platforms. Sure, Outlook 365 or Exchange offer similar capabilities, but since I’m a fully-committed Googlephile, I love my Calendar app and website. As a side note, despite the abundant absence of entries depicted, my other, real calendar is quite full.Continue Reading

Choosing a Tablet for Your Law Firm

A lot of attorneys are moving toward tablets for their portability, power, and functionality. I have discussed Android tablets ad naseum on this site, but hey, here’s one more. In fact, I wanted to introduce you to this post from PC World, which, coincidentally, they titled How to Choose a Tablet for Your Business. Perfect, right?Continue Reading

Does Android Really Compete With iPad?

As the Android OS begins overtaking Apple’s iOS, a large number of iOS fans have started highlighting the “extreme” differences between the two operating systems. For instance, check out this post where I discuss a similar critique posed by Ramesh. Well, here’s another follow-up on from CBS Moneywatch via PC World. This time, the “killer” argumentsContinue Reading