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Tag Archives: NFC

The Many Uses of NFC

While most people think of NFC as a viable payment method, the product isn’t all about payments. I talked recently about my love for the hardware/software, and how I believe NFC will revolutionize the way we conduct business transactions and transfer information. I also told you about NFC Secure, which is a slick app forContinue Reading

New Poll: QR Codes or NFC

There’s a new poll up, and I want to see what you think about the future of wireless transfers. Specifically, which method do you think is going to be the predominant method for transferring information between devices: QR codes or near field communication (NFC)? Personally, I think QR codes will dominate for quite some time,Continue Reading

Why I Love the “New” Android

The “new” Android is awesome because of one simple acronym: NFC. In this case, we’re not referring to the National Football League’s conference, but rather near field communication. NFC is basically a sticker (check out this photo for some examples) with a short range micro-radio (RFID) placed inside, which broadcasts a signal and tells the receiving programContinue Reading