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Tag Archives: Is Tethering Legal?

Question of the Week: How do I speed up my tethered connection?

One of the great things about Android is the ability to “hack” and tether two devices to share one internet connection. I’ve used a variety of different apps for this, including my two favorite apps, FoxFi and Barnacle (root required), both free. Now though, I use Verizon’s app to manage my tethered connection. Sadly, many peopleContinue Reading

The Great Tethering Debate

Verizon recently took some heat from the FCC for its hard stance on restricting tethering between mobile devices and other accessories. A lot of readers (mostly non-lawyers) are interested in my view (preferably a legal opinion) on tethering. Dedicate fans of The Droid Lawyer blog will know I’ve discussed tethering, and even recommended a coupleContinue Reading

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