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Tag Archives: Google Maps

Play “Smartypins” and Test Your Geographic Prowess

Smartypins is Google’s new way of testing your geography maps knowledge in a fun way.Continue Reading

Huge Update for Google Maps

Maps is beefed up, ready to take you where you need to go and help you find great spots when you get there.Continue Reading

Google Calendar Now Adds Locations from Google Maps

Google Calendar now has autocomplete.Continue Reading

Google Maps’ Road to Domination

Google Maps is the dominant leader in mapping software, and other companies struggle to match Maps’ greatness.Continue Reading

Capture That Perfect Snapshot

Whether you’re a fan of Instagram, Twitter, or plain old paper prints, finding the perfect scene to take a picture is important. Now, Google’s giving you a tool to find the perfect location to film. The site shows you photograph hotspots throughout the world. Europe glows like the sun, while the rest of the continentsContinue Reading

Pegman, Where Have You Been All of My Life?

Google Maps released its new Maps, but the new Maps didn’t include my favorite little guy, Pegman. Now though, Pegman is making a triumphant return to the new Google Maps. Google Maps had some fun with the announcement: Today, the Maps team released this video: Visit Google Maps’ photos on its Google+ page to checkContinue Reading

Five Apps, Accessories, and Other Things I Couldn’t Do Without on The Great Adventure

Thankfully, after 36 hours in the car, we finally arrived at our semi-final destination. We traveled from Oklahoma City to Mount Rushmore, then on to Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. You can see several of the highlight pictures I took by visiting my album, The Great Adventure 2013, on Google+. These massively-long road trips continueContinue Reading

Google Maps Updated

There’s a new “maps sheriff” in town, and it’s cleaner, meaner, and sleek. Recently, Google began rolling out an update to Maps that improves the design and integrates some of the “new” Google Maps.Unfortunately, if you’re running an Android OS less than 4.0.3, you’re out of luck. Why haven’t you upgraded your phone, yet? The updateContinue Reading

How to: Share a Location

Mrs. The Droid Lawyer was talking with a friend today who was travelling to a location. The friend didn’t know where to go, and Mrs. The Droid Lawyer was trying to explain how to get around our small city to the location. Finally, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer said she’d text her friend the address. Now,Continue Reading

Weekly News Round Up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

I’m anxiously awaiting my Jelly Bean update for the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. Transformer Prime owners got theirs, but I’m guessing since I’m getting a server error, Asus is having problems with the mad dash of downloads. According to The Droid Guy, this is exactly what Asus realized, so the Infinity download will come aContinue Reading

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