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Tag Archives: Best Android Tablet for Attorneys

In re: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

One reader asks: “what’s your opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?” Honestly, I haven’t had much experience with this tablet, aside from the one time I played with it at  Best Buy. However, in my quick search of the internet, I found two great posts from CNet and Engaget, which offer great product reviews. AccordingContinue Reading

Acer Iconia A200 – An Android Tablet You May Want to Own Now

I love Acer. I purchased an Acer Aspire laptop (for about $1000) before heading to law school. While other classmates had numerous problems with their HP, Gateway, and Dell laptops, the only problem I had with my Acer was my power plug – and that was because of my dumb error. I also own anContinue Reading

You Ask, I Answer – More on Android Tablets

Selecting the perfect tablet from the larger, ever changing selection of Android tablets is daunting. This post will help.Continue Reading