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Tag Archives: Android App

T-Mobile Offers MLB at Bat for Free to Subscribers

T-Mobile is offering MLB at Bat to its subscribers for free.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is available as an app for your Android device.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Email My Texts

Make your next litigation case a little easier when you can get copies of your client’s text messages.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Clio

Clio’s new Android app will make current subscribers very happy.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Cover Fast app access

Cover helps to bring all of your most used apps to center stage.Continue Reading

How to: Side-By-Side Video Comparison

You can create a simple side-by-side comparison video for your next DUI defendant, or for any other case, with this how to post.Continue Reading

How to: Open the “Unopenable” File

Sometimes there are just some files that won’t open. Here’s some tips and tricks to reading those unopenable files.Continue Reading

Android Device Manager, Now in App Form

Everyone who reads this blog knows how much I advocate that every Android user enables Android Device Manager. If you don’t know, ADM is Android’s answer to Apple’s popular Find My iPhone feature. ADM allows you to remotely locate, lock, ring, or wipe your Android device. In terms of worth, ADM is a cheap wayContinue Reading

Google Will Pay You to Take Surveys

Google’s giving users the ability to earn Google Play credit by answering opinion surveys via a new Android app. The questions are pretty easy — at least the starting questions — and you get $2.16 in Google Play credit just for completing the introductory questions. You’ll get a notification each time a new survey isContinue Reading

Android App Review: Moves

Moves (free) is an app I’ve been testing for some time now. Moves isn’t anything special, but if you’re someone who likes to know how far you’ve “moved” — at least on your feet — then this app will entice you. Moves is essentially a pedometer via your smartphone. The app tracks your steps throughoutContinue Reading

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