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Category Archives: Miscellaneous

ILTA Survey Shows Increase in BYOD

ILTA released its survey showing trends in law firm technology purchases and the rise of the BYOD policy.Continue Reading

Make a DIY Home Theater for $5

“The King of Random” teaches us how to make a DIY home theater projector for under $5 using a tablet, phone, or laptop.Continue Reading

Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Another week of news stories in the world of Android. See what you missed right here.Continue Reading

Here’s How a Judge Uses His Tablet to Get Cases Done

This post talks about how one judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is using his tablet to prepare for arguments and keep focused.Continue Reading

The Best, Must-Read IT Blogs in Infographic Form

The Droid Lawyer received a nomination as a must-read IT blog from Biztech Magazine. Here’s a cool infographic to go along with the nomination.Continue Reading

New Giveaway: Inateck Bluetooth Speaker with Tablet Holder

Here’s a new giveaway for an Inateck Bluetooth speaker with a tablet stand.Continue Reading

And the Winner is…

Here’s where we announce the winner of the Jumpr Mini giveaway from EnerPlex.Continue Reading

Another Nomination as One of the Top 50 Must-Read IT Blogs

Biztech Magazine is calling for nominations for 2014′s must-read IT blogs. The Droid Lawyer is already nominated, but needs your votes.Continue Reading

Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Here’s another collection of valuable news reports and blog posts from the ever-evolving world of Android OS.Continue Reading

New Giveaway: EnerPlex Jumpr Mini Power Bank

Here’s a giveaway for the EnerPlex Jumpr Mini portable power bank.Continue Reading

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