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Category Archives: Android for Law Firms

Book Review: Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers is a book by Dan Siegel that gives some of the basic apps lawyers are looking for.Continue Reading

No! The Public Still Doesn’t Want Your Law Firm App

If your law firm is thinking about designing an app, you’d better reconsider. There are better options for your firm than a law firm app.Continue Reading

Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Kiss Apple and Samsung’s patent feud goodbye, at least if you’re in a country other than the United States. The two agreed to dismiss all international lawsuits and continue fighting on “native soil.” In other news: This post points out that a multi-user feature might be available in Android L when it’s officially released. OfContinue Reading

Back to School: The New (Almost) Definitive Guide to Google Tech for Law Students

It’s back to school for a lot of law students, so it’s time to understand what tech you need to take to school to succeed.Continue Reading

Lumsing’s 20% Off Sale

Lumsing is offering 20% off all products listed on its Amazon site. Hurry, it’s only 1 day.Continue Reading

Best Android SMS Apps for Lawyers

There are a number of Android SMS apps. Here are a few of my favorites.Continue Reading

Best Android Email Apps for Lawyers

If you’re looking for the best Android email app, this post has you covered. Gmail wins, but there are plenty of other alternatives instead of Gmail.Continue Reading

Apple Single-Handedly Killed Android for Lawyers

Apple’s WWDC announcements put Android on the back ropes. Does iOS 8 signal the end of Android?Continue Reading

Here’s Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Care About iOS 8

Once again, Android-lovers won’t find anything revolutionary about iOS 8.Continue Reading

5 Apps That Change the Way I Manage the Practice of Law

Here are 5 apps that have changed how I represent clients in my law practice.Continue Reading