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Category Archives: Android for Law Firms

Is Android Safe Enough for Attorneys to Use?

Personal diligence is the key to keeping Android safe enough for attorneys to use. This post discusses the value of Android for attorneys.Continue Reading

How to: Making Documents on an Android Tablet

You can easily create documents on an Android tablet to improve productivity and make yourself a more mobile practitioner.Continue Reading

My Confession: I Ditched Antivirus on my Android Device

I haven’t used antivirus on my Android device for almost a year. Here’s my explanation of why the no-antivirus policy works for me.Continue Reading

Android Lawyers Won’t Love the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone J.D. gave his review of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcement. Here’s my “counter-attack” and the reasons I’m not impressed.Continue Reading

Catch the Future of Wearables Podcast

Wearable technology is going to vastly help improve the way lawyers do work. Rick Georges gives insight into the future of wearable devices for lawyers.Continue Reading

Here’s How a Judge [Can't] Use His Tablet to Get Cases Done

Judge Richard Wesely is back for a second part explaining some of the issues with tablets in court, and the practicality of technology.Continue Reading

ILTA Survey Shows Increase in BYOD

ILTA released its survey showing trends in law firm technology purchases and the rise of the BYOD policy.Continue Reading

PSA: Help Liveblog and Publish Content

I’m inviting you to help me liveblog the Android, Google, or mobile technology event you’re attending. Provide insights and information for others.Continue Reading

Book Review: Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers is a book by Dan Siegel that gives some of the basic apps lawyers are looking for.Continue Reading

No! The Public Still Doesn’t Want Your Law Firm App

If your law firm is thinking about designing an app, you’d better reconsider. There are better options for your firm than a law firm app.Continue Reading