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Category Archives: Security

Comparing Terms of Service: Part 2 – Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365

This is the second part of a two-part look at the terms of service of some cloud computing providers.Continue Reading

Comparing Terms of Service: Part 1 – Bitcasa, Dropbox, and SpiderOak

This is the first of a two part examination of the terms of service for the major cloud storage providers.Continue Reading

Renewed Concerns About the NSA and Your Law Firm

Law firms are at risk for spying by the NSA. Where do the troubles begin and the fanaticism end?Continue Reading

The Associate’s Smartphone Security Test

Smartphones are vulnerable; too often we fail to protect them as we should. Here’s a quick test to determine just how vigilant you are about your device security.Continue Reading

It’s Safe to Enter the ADM Water Again

Android Device Manager added password on launch, which protects the device from an accidental (or purposeful) wipe.Continue Reading

How Serious Are You About Security?

Some lawyers get concerned with using cloud services, but that’s not as scary as what could happen in your own law office.Continue Reading

There are Still Significant Miles to Travel in the World of Cloud Computing

Some believe the future of law firms is the acceptance of cloud computing. But lawyers aren’t necessarily among that group.Continue Reading

A Simple Password Change Can Save Your Identity

It’s one of the hottest industries online and one almost guaranteed to make you more money than you ever dreamed of… as long as you’re willing to risk the price. This is the lure that turns thousands of unscrupulous people into identity thieves each year. In 2012, more than 12 million people were victims ofContinue Reading