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Category Archives: Security

Password Protection to Protect Your Stuff

How strong are the passwords that protect your sensitive information? Are they really doing the necessary job?Continue Reading

The Cybercrime Threat

Cybercrime is a growing problem, and this infographic shows why and who’s affected.Continue Reading

Avast! Says “Wiped” Data on Android Devices is Recoverable

Security company avast! says that Android phones are vulnerable because they don’t properly delete personal information.Continue Reading

A Dangerous New Road for Android’s App Permissions

Google Play’s new “easier to understand” app permissions might be wreaking havoc on your device’s security.Continue Reading

Password Keys

You should always have a strong password that’s easy to remember.Continue Reading

Comparing Terms of Service: Part 2 – Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365

This is the second part of a two-part look at the terms of service of some cloud computing providers.Continue Reading

Comparing Terms of Service: Part 1 – Bitcasa, Dropbox, and SpiderOak

This is the first of a two part examination of the terms of service for the major cloud storage providers.Continue Reading

Renewed Concerns About the NSA and Your Law Firm

Law firms are at risk for spying by the NSA. Where do the troubles begin and the fanaticism end?Continue Reading