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Category Archives: How-To

How to: Sharing Documents in Google Drive

Google Drive makes sharing documents easy, especially with the new Drive interface. Drive is great for collaboration or sharing documents with team members.Continue Reading

How to: Alternative Options for Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync won’t be available after August 1, 2014. Here are some alternative solutions for users who still want to connect Outlook to Google.Continue Reading

How to: Display Google Plus Photos on Chromecast

Stream pictures and video to your Chromecast with Google+ Photos. It’s an easy and fun way to show off your local media.Continue Reading

The Best PDF Readers for Android

Viewing and annotating PDF documents is an important function for mobile lawyers. Here’s a review of the 3 best PDF viewing apps for Android.Continue Reading

You Ask, I Answer: What Are Widgets?

Widgets speed up productivity and give you more customization.Continue Reading

How to: Increase and Improve Your Android Dictionary

You can quickly and easily customize the dictionary on your Android device.Continue Reading

How to: Set Up Chromecast on the Road

You can easily watch movies away from your home on Chromecast.Continue Reading

How-to: Save Receipts with Google Drive

Here’s an idea: how about using Google Drive to help scan and store your receipts? Here’s how to get it done.Continue Reading

How to: Record a Video with a Cellphone

Please turn your cellphone when you record a video.Continue Reading

How to: Easy Ways to Cut Cable and Make Chromecast Your New Viewing Pleasure

If you’re considering cutting the cable cord and trying to live in the world of digital streaming, here’s your encouragement.Continue Reading