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Category Archives: How-To

How to: Create a Customized Gmail Signature

Some law firms prefer creating elaborate (or fancy) signatures for their email messages. Gmail offers enhanced signatures, but there’s a little more work to make the process happen. This how to shows you everything you don’t know about customized Gmail signatures, and how to fix your inadequacy.Continue Reading

Managing Data Sets With Google Forms

Carolyn Elefant offers a unique way to use Google Forms to help compile data in an easy method.Continue Reading

How to: Section (§) and Paragraph (¶) Signs on Android

It’s easy for lawyers to create often-needed special symbols on Android. Here’s how to find and use the paragraph and section signs in your mobile compositions.Continue Reading

How to: Encrypt Your Android Device

You can encrypt your Android device easily to safely secure your information.Continue Reading

How to: Make Your Desktop Files Sync With Your Cloud Files

Understanding how to sync files between your desktop and the cloud is an important first-step to opening up a more mobile world.Continue Reading

How to: Organize Your Files for Mobile Use

Organizing your legal files and utilizing digital documents isn’t difficult when you’re concentrating on using the files on your mobile device.Continue Reading

How to: Update Your Android Apps

Keeping your Android apps update to date is an important task. Updates protect your device from malicious attacks and also provide the best user experience.Continue Reading

How to: Enable Voice Input

The voice input microphone is missing from some keyboards in newer Android releases. It’s easy to enable the microphone with these steps.Continue Reading

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