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Category Archives: How-To

How to: Set Up Chromecast on the Road

You can easily watch movies away from your home on Chromecast.Continue Reading

How-to: Save Receipts with Google Drive

Here’s an idea: how about using Google Drive to help scan and store your receipts? Here’s how to get it done.Continue Reading

How to: Record a Video with a Cellphone

Please turn your cellphone when you record a video.Continue Reading

How to: Easy Ways to Cut Cable and Make Chromecast Your New Viewing Pleasure

If you’re considering cutting the cable cord and trying to live in the world of digital streaming, here’s your encouragement.Continue Reading

How to: Set Up a Plex Media Server and Chromecast Your Movie Collection

Plex allows you to play your home movies on your Chromecast device.Continue Reading

How to: Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics on your Android Device

The Winter Olympics officially start today. That means 2 weeks of absolute cold weather enjoyment. You can follow the whole event on television, your browser, or your Android device.Continue Reading

How to: Turn Off Contacts’ Pictures in Gmail

If you’re not a fan of the sender image in Gmail, this post will give you the simple steps on turning the feature off.Continue Reading

How to: Side-By-Side Video Comparison

You can create a simple side-by-side comparison video for your next DUI defendant, or for any other case, with this how to post.Continue Reading

How to: Add Pizzazz to Presentations

I’m using Google Presentations for more and more presentation slides, and Chromecast is helping improve some of those presentations.Continue Reading

How to: Open the “Unopenable” File

Sometimes there are just some files that won’t open. Here’s some tips and tricks to reading those unopenable files.Continue Reading