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Category Archives: How-To

How to: Making Documents on an Android Tablet

You can easily create documents on an Android tablet to improve productivity and make yourself a more mobile practitioner.Continue Reading

PSA: Stop the Apps from Sharing

Applications are sharing far too many facts about far too many unknowing individuals. Shut of social media sharing to avoid problems.Continue Reading

How to: Simple Things to Supe-up your Android Device

Take a moment and use these tricks to supe-up your Android device for a better experience.Continue Reading

Make a Chromecast Picture Frame

Take an old laptop computer monitor to create a Chromecast picture frame in this DIY project.Continue Reading

How-to: Improve the ASUS Transformer Infinity Pad TF700T

Crombi-kk is helping me love my ASUS Transformer Infinity tablet. With a clean design, smooth flow, and Android 4.4, Crombi is a good replacement.Continue Reading

4 Things That’ll Improve Your Love of Android

Have you lost a little love of Android? Try these tips to bring some spark back into your mobile relationship.Continue Reading

Nine Google Docs Functions Every Lawyer Should Master

Here are nine functions Google Docs loving lawyers should master.Continue Reading

How to: Sharing Documents in Google Drive

Google Drive makes sharing documents easy, especially with the new Drive interface. Drive is great for collaboration or sharing documents with team members.Continue Reading

How to: Alternative Options for Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync won’t be available after August 1, 2014. Here are some alternative solutions for users who still want to connect Outlook to Google.Continue Reading

How to: Display Google Plus Photos on Chromecast

Stream pictures and video to your Chromecast with Google+ Photos. It’s an easy and fun way to show off your local media.Continue Reading