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Category Archives: Lawyer Apps

Android App Review: Federal Courts

The Federal Courts app wants to be your go to resource for PACER access and local court rules. You’ll soon discover it’s lacking depth in both categories.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Legal Memory — Civil Procedure

Legal Memory – Civil Procedure aims to help law students (and lawyers) gain a better understanding of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Clio

Clio’s new Android app will make current subscribers very happy.Continue Reading

Android App Review: MyCase

MyCase has a new Android app to complement its case management service.Continue Reading

Developers Don’t Care About Android-Loving Lawyers

Android just isn’t seeing the love among developers for the creation of Android apps for attorneys. And it all comes down to money.Continue Reading

Location Based Law Through Google Glass

The usefulness of Glass was one of my chief concerns about the new wearable device. Sure, Glass is an amusing device for taking pictures, video, getting directions, or pulling up unique stats of baseball games, but all of that is available on the phone. However, Cornell’s Legal Information Institute made a revolutionary step in the great direction ofContinue Reading

It’s Best Apps for Attorneys List Time Again

We’re approaching the end of 2013, and that inevitably means more insurance adjusters will settle personal injury claims it’s time for the annual list of Android apps for attorneys. I’m sure you’ll remember the 2011 list — which I hope you’ll forget — and 2012′s list — which is infinitely better than the first. The 2013 listContinue Reading

Android App Review: CaseManager

There’s a new tablet-based case management system in town aiming to dethrone some of the big boys. Of course, that probably won’t happen, but CaseManager ($20.00) from Goodcase Apps Ltd, is certainly a contender. When Goodcase’s, John Upton contacted me about reviewing their new Android app, I was skeptical, at best, on the quality. “We’veContinue Reading

Big News on the Horizon for Android-using Lawyers

Ben Schorr is getting ready to make his presentation on security at the Missouri Bar Association’s lex|Port 2013 Tech conference, but I’m more excited about an announcement from Hacked Cube. Hacked Cube, in case you don’t know, is the firm developing awesome apps for attorneys. In particular, Hacked Cube develops the Depose ($7.99) app. Stewart Boling isContinue Reading

Android App Review: Rocket Matter

One of the design features I’m whole-heartily advocating is the increase in Android apps for lawyers. Rocket Matter, one of the various providers of cloud-based law practice management software is one company wanting to cater to Android lawyers. Now, Rocket Matter introduces its Rocket Matter app for Android, which allows users to connect to theContinue Reading