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Category Archives: Applications

Android App Review: Ruzzle

Ruzzle combines the fun of Boggle and the point scoring of Scrabble, into a fun, challenging word search game.Continue Reading

Just Remove the Apps

Removing unused apps isn’t difficult, but we have some psychological fears about the process. Get over it.Continue Reading

Android App Review: AutoGuard Blackbox Pro

AutoGuard Blackbox is an app that allows you to record video from the dash of your vehicle.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote got a power-packed update that turns a ho-hum app into a real note-taking contender.Continue Reading

Book Review: Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers is a book by Dan Siegel that gives some of the basic apps lawyers are looking for.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Draft Pro 14

Draft Pro 14 is a new app with Chromecast compatibility to help track and manage your fantasy football draft day.Continue Reading

Hangouts is the Best Tool for Group Messages

Google Hangouts is the best way to communicate with massive groups of friends and colleagues. Hangouts gives your group video, chat, and text capabilities.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the fifth (obviously) version of this popular FPS gaming series. The catch, no in-app purchases are required to win.Continue Reading

Become an Android App Owner, Purchase DroidLaw

DroidLaw, the first legal reference app for Android is for sale.Continue Reading

Product Review and Android App Review: Swingbyte 2

Swingbyte 2 is a device that’s supposed to help improve your golf swing. The device connects to your club and sends swing info to your phone or tablet.Continue Reading