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Category Archives: Applications

Become an Android App Owner, Purchase DroidLaw

DroidLaw, the first legal reference app for Android is for sale.Continue Reading

Product Review and Android App Review: Swingbyte 2

Swingbyte 2 is a device that’s supposed to help improve your golf swing. The device connects to your club and sends swing info to your phone or tablet.Continue Reading

Best Android SMS Apps for Lawyers

There are a number of Android SMS apps. Here are a few of my favorites.Continue Reading

Best Android Email Apps for Lawyers

If you’re looking for the best Android email app, this post has you covered. Gmail wins, but there are plenty of other alternatives instead of Gmail.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Cardcast

Cardcast is a fun, Chromecast-capable game based on the game, “Cards Against Humanity.”Continue Reading

Android App Review: Commandr for Google Now

Commandr for Google Now will give you more control over your device and allow you to command your device to perform certain tasks.Continue Reading

Eliminating Quickoffice Won’t Effect Your Android Productivity

Quickoffice is quietly dying and being replaced by Docs, Sheets, and Slides. That isn’t a bad thing.Continue Reading

Play “Smartypins” and Test Your Geographic Prowess

Smartypins is Google’s new way of testing your geography maps knowledge in a fun way.Continue Reading

Microsoft Office for Android Tablets Coming Soon

Android tablets will soon have the ability to run Microsoft Office Mobile, a feature some Android users have wished for.Continue Reading

Get Your Own Cardboard

Cardboard is Google’s no-frills venture into virtual reality. The device will turn your Android smartphone in a personal VR device.Continue Reading