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Category Archives: Applications

Android App Review: Clio

Clio is releasing its new Android app, which will allow users to access Clio’s case management system from their mobile devices. Continue Reading

3 Great Free Twitter Apps for Android

Here are three Android apps for Twitter, which will help you keep connected and manage your Twitter social media feed.Continue Reading

Use Hangouts for Voice Calls

A new update for Hangouts brings voice calling directly from the app. This update looks like it’ll replace Google Voice in this respect.Continue Reading

Amazon Prime Instant Videos is Available for Android

Amazon Prime Instant Videos are now available for your Android devices. You’ll need 3 apps to make the service work, but at least it’s now on Android.Continue Reading

Productivity with an Android Tablet

Android tablets can help any mobile lawyer become a more powerful competitor. Here are 10 of my favorite app for improving productivity.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera is a good alternative to the default Android camera on your mobile device. Fast Burst Camera corrects the delay issue in some devices.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Ruzzle

Ruzzle combines the fun of Boggle and the point scoring of Scrabble, into a fun, challenging word search game.Continue Reading

Just Remove the Apps

Removing unused apps isn’t difficult, but we have some psychological fears about the process. Get over it.Continue Reading

Android App Review: AutoGuard Blackbox Pro

AutoGuard Blackbox is an app that allows you to record video from the dash of your vehicle.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote got a power-packed update that turns a ho-hum app into a real note-taking contender.Continue Reading