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Author Archives: Jeff Taylor

Android App Review: Clio

Clio is releasing its new Android app, which will allow users to access Clio’s case management system from their mobile devices. Continue Reading

How to: Enable Voice Input

The voice input microphone is missing from some keyboards in newer Android releases. It’s easy to enable the microphone with these steps.Continue Reading

How-to: Become a Mobile Road Lawyer

You can easily become a mobile road lawyer by adopting simple technology solutions and ditching traditional notions of the lawyer’s image.Continue Reading

New Poll: The Future of Wearables for Lawyers

Android Wear and other wearables will surely improve lawyer’s lives. This poll asks what you think about the future of wearables for lawyers.Continue Reading

Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Here’s the weekly news round-up with stories of interest for Android users, including a review of Moto 360, the Rubik’s Cube, and a lane for texters.Continue Reading

Chromebooks and the Law Office

Can you manage a law office with a Chromebook? My answer is most certainly. You’ll have to rework some processes, but that’s not difficult.Continue Reading

3 Great Free Twitter Apps for Android

Here are three Android apps for Twitter, which will help you keep connected and manage your Twitter social media feed.Continue Reading

Is Android Safe Enough for Attorneys to Use?

Personal diligence is the key to keeping Android safe enough for attorneys to use. This post discusses the value of Android for attorneys.Continue Reading

Wearables and the Future for Lawyers

Android Wear is on the market and wearables are the new “it” items. Here’s why they matter to attorneys.Continue Reading

How to: Making Documents on an Android Tablet

You can easily create documents on an Android tablet to improve productivity and make yourself a more mobile practitioner.Continue Reading