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Author Archives: Jeff Taylor

New Website Poll: The Nexus 6

Here’s a new website poll asking about your likelihood in purchasing the Nexus 6, “Shamu,” phone. This is a huge phone, but will people buy it?Continue Reading

Hack Monday: Fast-charge Your Cell Phone

Use this fast hack to quickly bring your battery’s charge back to life.Continue Reading

Your Firm Needs a Mobile Device Policy

A lot of lawyers neglect to write or enforce a firm mobile device policy. Having a policy is a good business practice and helps keep your business safe.Continue Reading

Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Another weekly news round-up with stories from the world of Android and mobile devices.Continue Reading

Gmail Encryption with Virtru

Virtru is a valid option for encrypting your Google Apps email messages on your desktop or Android device.Continue Reading

Android App Review: Clio

Clio is releasing its new Android app, which will allow users to access Clio’s case management system from their mobile devices. Continue Reading

How to: Enable Voice Input

The voice input microphone is missing from some keyboards in newer Android releases. It’s easy to enable the microphone with these steps.Continue Reading

How-to: Become a Mobile Road Lawyer

You can easily become a mobile road lawyer by adopting simple technology solutions and ditching traditional notions of the lawyer’s image.Continue Reading

New Poll: The Future of Wearables for Lawyers

Android Wear and other wearables will surely improve lawyer’s lives. This poll asks what you think about the future of wearables for lawyers.Continue Reading