The List of Android Apps for Lawyers

This list does not include cross-function or multi-function apps such as Dropbox or Evernote. This list is intended to represent the Android apps specifically designed for attorneys, to use by attorneys. Please refrain from submitting general apps. To submit your entry to the list, click here. You may sort the list by clicking on the column at the top of the list.

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Application Name Application Cost Short Description of the Application Google Play Link
ABA Techshow Free

May seem a little silly to list this as a favorite app. However, as a 4-year attender, this is the best conference app I have used: Access to materials, schedule, setting own schedule, exhibitors, twitter, mapping, QR Reader, and more.
Adaptxt Legal Keyboard $3.99

A keyboard with built-in legal terms.
AgileLaw Paperless Deposition $0.00

This deposition app will free you from ever printing another document exhibit again.
Install this app on your tablet, hand the tablet to the deponent, and navigate through the deposition without ever using a printed exhibit again.
American Arbitration Association $0.00

American Arbitration Association rules, codes, protocols, and contact information.
Bloomberg Law $0.00+

Delivers news and analysis. Get timely, personalized updates from Bloomberg BNA and Bloomberg News sources and track business opportunities.
California Probate Code $2.99

California probate code
Canadian Lawyer $0.00

anadian Lawyer magazine is one of the most read legal publications in Canada featuring content written for and by jurists across the country. The app offers daily news updates as well as free access for subscribers to the full monthly magazine.http:/
Casemaker $0.00

Research national or state specific case law, statutes, admin opinions, & legislative history similar to lexis/westlaw natural language search, except this is FREE. You can also email yourself documents you find.
CaseManager $20.00

An app that gives you the ability to manage cases and matters using your mobile device.
CaseSync for Android $0.00

CaseSync for Android is a free light weight companion application for CaseSync Pro.
CaseSync Pro is a cloud based legal practice management solution for small to mid sized firms.
Improve your firm or legal services productivity and download CaseS
Cite-Checker $1.99

A user-friendly and concise guide to Bluebook citation form for legal practitioners. The App provides an overview of Bluebook citation form with plain English explanations of Bluebook rules and clear examples illustrating those rules.
Courtlink $0.00 (Subscription Required)

Review recent court docket Alert and Track activity on the go, and set up Alerts and Tracks on the CourtLink® site so you can monitor them from anywhere.
Depose $7.99

Depose makes drafting and taking depositions on your Android device easy. With Depose you can edit and rearrange questions, attach exhibits, take notes on specific questions, copy questions, and save template questions.
Dike trial $0.00

Dike is a calendar app for Lawyers. To organize their case-files & track hearing schedules. Commercial release, Dike pro, also is available for $1.9
dLaw $0.00

FRE, FRCP, Criminal Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, Appellate Procedure and Google Scholar free in one app.
Docket Launcher $0.00

Provides access to Pennsylvania court records, including criminal charges, traffic offenses and more -- complete with comprehensive weekly updates!
Fastcase $0.00

Legal research on the go.
Federal Courts $2.99

This app contains the full text of all of the federal rules of procedure and the local rules for every federal court in the country - including district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts. Also provides access to PACER.
iJuror $15.00

Jury selection assistant.
iTimeKeep $0.00

Mobile Time Entry that seamlessly integrates with your time & billing system at the law firm.

Note: the app is free; there is a connector piece that is installed at the firm.
Law Dictionary $0.99

The Law Dictionary is a source of legal definitions and terms featuring the entire Black's Law Dictionary (2nd edition) with over 15,000 words and definitions.
Law Practice $4.99 - $19.99

The Law Practice magazine app is your mobile guide to the business of practicing law. Law Practice magazine is the premier practice management resource dedicated to helping legal professionals master the four core areas of a successful law practice.
Law School Dojo $0.00

A law quiz game for the law student that lives in everyone. Hundreds of multiple choice questions to learn legal doctrine, vocabulary, and procedure, along with random legal trivia.
LawTorch $0.00

LawTorch Legal Planner is an easy-to-use, professional planner for legal professionals for self & team use, such as listing and managing daily cases, instant updates of dates and progress of cases in team, seamless transfer of information .
Lawyer ON Go $19.99

Quick and easy way to track client information.
Lawyers Case Diary $0.00

Lawyers Case Diary is an extremely useful tool for Lawyers.
-- Manage clients
-- Manage contacts
-- Manage your cases
-- Maintain case notes
-- Create appointments
-- Follow up cases with remainders
-- Import clients / contacts from
Legal Newsance $0.00

Curated by humans, our free mobile app helps lawyers save time and stay current by delivering breaking legal news, online resources, CLE info, job openings and forms to your Android phone or tablet.
Legal Newsance 2.0 $0.00

Curated by humans, our updated mobile app delivers breaking legal news, jobs, events and online resources to your Android phone or tablet.
Legal Plex $0.00

egal Plex is a full fledged law firm management system
Legal Talk Network $0.00

The Legal Talk Network app provides listeners an easy way to listen and consume their favorite legal shows on Legal Talk Network.
LSUC Ontario Reports $0.00

Law reports from Ontario provided weekly. Also official Law Society notices, government notices of interest to the profession, fee schedules, lawyers’ announcements, career opportunities and advertising.
Mobile Docket $9.92

A lawyer's secretary, scheduler, filing clerk, bookkeeper and organizer rolled into one. This app is designed to meet every busy lawyer's file and case management requirement even when he/she is on-the-go.
Mobile Transcript $0.00

Review deposition transcripts.
MSBA $0.00

Maryland's state bar application with information on rules and links to Maryland lawyer resources.
MyCase $0.00

This application is designed for lawyers using MyCase’s web-based law practice management software.
OyezToday $0.00

US Supreme Court decisions from 2010 to present, including audio transcripts of arguments.
PacerMonitor $0.00

PacerMonitor is the best way to stay on top of your Federal Court case dockets and filings. Currently supporting District Court Civil cases and Bankruptcy Court cases, PacerMonitor is the best way to download, view and email case filings.
Picture it Settled $0.00

Picture It Settled™ Lite helps you visualize the negotiation dance and calculate your next steps.
Pocket Topics $2.99

Various codes and regulations for California, Texas, Missouri, New York and Florida.
PocketJustice $0.99

Abstracts of US Supreme Court decisions, voting alignments and biographical sketches for all 110 justices. The app provides synchronized, searchable transcripts identifying all speaker information and audio for all 600+ cases.
Procurement Explorer $0.00

Procurement Explorer is a guide to Polish procurement law in the form of an English-language mobile app. It offers practical answers to questions from this extensive field of law.
Push Legal $0.00

Research cases and statutes.
Rocket Matter $0.00

Rocket Matter helps lawyers run their practices with mobile and web-based apps. The Rocket Matter app puts your entire law practice in the palm of your hand, enabling you to manage your firm and clients from anywhere.
Symantec eDiscovery Exchange $0.00

With an eDiscovery-specific digest from the industry’s top thought leaders, instant access to over 5,000 eDiscovery experts, and a comprehensive set of action-oriented eDiscovery tools, users are empowered to get smart, save time, and share insights.
TCDLA $0.00

Research application for members of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association.
Texas Child Support Calculator $6.99

Calculates child support payable in Texas. Includes changes effective September 1, 2013
Texas Legal $0.00

Legal reference app for members of the State Bar of Texas Computer and Technology Section.
The Law Guide/Dictionary $0.00

Dictionary and guide from
The Law Guide/Dictionary $0.00

Definitions of legal terms.
Time Master + Billing $9.99

Time and billing software.
TouchTax $1.99

TouchTax provides easy access on your Android phone and tablet to all 7,700+ sections of the latest edition of the Internal Revenue Code.
TrialWorks App $0.00

TrialWorks App allows existing TrialWorks Case Management Software users to review and/or edit notes, contacts, docket, add time to timekeeper, review and add new intakes, case history and review attachments in TrialWorks on their Android devices.
Viewabill for Android Beta $0.00

Viewabill is a new way to work with your attorneys, accountants and other hourly service providers on billing matters. Work together and access time entries sent by your hourly professionals in real time.
WestlawNext $0.00

Westlaw's legal research application.
Wisconsin CCAP Case Search $0.00

The app is a search for the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access system to check the status, background, and history of court records. The app allows for a simplified and streamlined way to access and search the CCAP system in an android setting.
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