New Posts Coming Soon

Massively huge apologies to all of my dear readers. I abandoned you, but trust me, you were not forgotten.


Each day I haven’t posted, I’ve felt tremendously guilty.

The truth is, I lost some desire to blog. It’s difficult work, and I’ve believed there were far better resources available in the blogosphere.

However, your emails have proven that isn’t a true fact. In fact, I’ve received a number of emails questioning why I’m not writing and sending condolences.

I’ve decided to resurrect the blog in a new format. First, posts won’t be so numerous. I’m going to work on a weekly basis, and add new content as needed. Second, I’d like your help in developing and creating content. It’s a lot of work to make this thing go, so I’d like your input. This would definitely take stress off me, and help keep things fresh. If you want to submit a post, please email it to me.

Look for new content starting next week!

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