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Since I moved over to my new position in-house, I’ve been forced to use Microsoft products. Admittedly, Word is slightly better than Google Docs (for some of the more robust features), and no program beats Excel for spreadsheets. But when we’re talking email, it’s hard to beat Gmail’s easy-to-use features and great search capabilities.

Email’s where my move in-house became slightly frustrating. Since I was used to using Gmail for everything, Outlook became clunky and less intuitive. And then don’t even get me started about Microsoft’s used to be hideous, Outlook app. Fortunately, that changed, and Microsoft seems less and less concerned with locking everything down to users of its Windows phone, and open to developing useful apps for individuals.

Microsoft Outlook

Thus, if you’re an Outlook on the desktop fan, I think you’ll love the Microsoft Outlook app for Android.

Microsoft has created an easy to navigate application, with a great interface. Outlook for Android functions much like its desktop brother.

Connecting to an Exchange or a similar account is quite easy, and takes less than 2 minutes. Soon after setting up the program, you’ll have many of the Outlook features.

If you’re an Exchange user, switch from the default Android mail app to Microsoft Outlook.

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