Google Photos are Fantastic

One of the best photo programs online right now is Google Photos.

google photos

Google Photos gives users the ability to store and save photos from the desktop or a mobile device. Best of all, if you store the photos at “High quality,” Google allows you to save an unlimited number of images.

Google Photos has a built in editing program to enhance your images. And it offers an “Assistant” to automatically create beautiful images. There are a few different options, such as a movie, collage, or “stylized” image. Google’s ability is quite amazing.

Take a look at this movie Google generated for me from pictures of a recent family fishing trip.

One of the more recent updates also gives the user the ability to create shared albums. Now, anytime you have a group event, simply create an album for everyone to add photos and share with others.

So don’t bother missing out, give Google Photos a try.

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