There are a lot of new news stories floating around on this Christmas Eve. Up first is my recommendation that you play around with Google’s Santa Tracker.

Santa Tracker 2015

And since it’s Christmas, after all, you should know how to say, “Merry Christmas.” This spreadsheet has the translate functions for the phrase.

The Christmas Jammies folks are back for 2015’s “Jammies” song:

In other news …

This list of 53 Android apps you shouldn’t install is pretty surprising; included on the list is Google Play Services (for battery drain).

If you’re looking to make 2016 your most productive year, then perhaps you’d like to try one of these favorite productivity apps. On the list is Gluru, which I hadn’t heard of, but I’m now trying.

Technologist blog discusses a “new” dictation software specifically for law firms. Spoiler, it’s Dragon Naturally Speaking: Legal. This is the 13th version, and personally, I believe you’re better off working on minimizing legal-specific — aside from a few phrases with legal meanings — verbiage in your writing, and work on typography. Also, you can have the same dictation functionality, with pretty decent results, using this method.

More changes are coming to Google+ on Android. Android Police has a first look.

And then there’s this, because … Star Wars:

Don’t forget that you can “Awaken the Force” with your Google products. I’m on the Dark Side myself.

Google Star Wars

Apple won in the class action lawsuit alleging the company blocked delivery of messages to Android devices.

Yes, anotherswitching from Apple to Androidpost.

Searching “Bubble Level” on Google Now will display a bubble level.

Bubble Level

Microsoft dropped the most useful feature — “Hey Cortana” — from it’s Cortana app for Android. Now it’s, “Goodbye, Cortana.”

Google’s working on a new way to log in to your account without a password.

And finally, Google is introducing “Spotlight Stories,” a new 360° experience. The first story introduced is titled, Special Delivery. (These are best view with a Google Cardboard viewer.)

Have a very, Merry Christmas!

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