This previous week was filled with so many good intentions … none of which succeeded. Yet in those intentions’ place I was able to accomplish many other tasks. Unfortunately, none of them involved publishing intended content to this blog. And so, to accommodate, I give you this week’s extended version of the Weekly News Round-up.

Up first, here are some early rumors of what features we could see in the next version of Android.

And speaking of the next version of Android, Google may use an online poll to allow users to pick a name. That’s a cool idea.

CBS fans will be interested to know that beginning December 26, Google is giving away 2 months of “CBS All Access” to whet your cord-cutting appetite.

cbs all access

Honestly, I like the idea of “all access,” and I subscribed to Sling TV when they offered their 2 month promo, but I haven’t missed live television for a very long time.

A San Francisco hacker claims to have created his own self-driving vehicle, and he’s hacking off a lot of companies.

Christmas is close — 7 days when this is published — and you can make the season a little more festive with some Android Wear watch faces.

Google’s suggesting some stocking stuffers, in case you missed them.

Microsoft must be pushing Android/iOS app development in Redmond, because the Microsoft Translator app now has some unique features, including person-to-person translation.

The official Skype for Business app is coming to Google Play; well, technically it’s more of just a name change from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business.

And this story may just make you not want to click email links.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides templates are now available on mobile devices, not just in the browser.

iPhone J.D. reports that virtually all ITLA-surveyed law firms support iPads and iPhones. Yawn. I want to see the (small; teeny, tiny; minuscule) stats on the number of firms solely committed to Google Apps for Work. Now there’s a non-yawn stat!

Night Lite” is a new Google Play Books feature designed to ease night time reading.


Personally, I prefer reading on larger devices, as opposed to a phone. And since my Nexus 7 isn’t working well, I’ve killed any digital reading over the past few months. I guess it’s time to upgrade my tablet.

A new Chrome Experiment lets you fantasize about becoming a Jedi.

star wars chrome experiment

Look for new Now on Tap functions in the upcoming weeks.

In celebration of the new FAA rules for drones, there’s this:

And from the “YAAAAASSSSS!” catalog:

And finally, there’s this:

Happy Star Wars day, and Merry Christmas.

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