Just once I’d like to enter some other lawyer’s office that looks like a cutout from a European discotheque or top notch rave party.


(I want it to be the other guy’s office, so I don’t have to look incompetent.)

If that were the case, then that lawyer would have this fog machine spewing out clouds of fog, and this 1byone Crystal Super LED Stage Light as an energetic accoutrement.


“Sick” deposition beats

Just imagine if you used this LED dome light in a deposition, or during a confrontational argument. The light reacts to noises, so a change in tone, cadence, or volume would help create a flashing ambiance. When opposing counsel starts his angry tirade, the LED light would pulsate a new color scheme with each insulting word. The lights are bright enough they’d still be visible in a brightly lit conference room.


Perhaps, the changing colors could mesmerize counsel and add some new calming effect.

And let’s not even talk about how beneficial this could be to liven up that judge’s courtroom.

Compact enough for a briefcase?

This LED dome light measures about 8.6 inches (220mm) tall, so it probably won’t fit in your court bag. But it’s lightweight enough (about 3 pounds) that you can mount it on the wall or ceiling of your newly converted “war” room.


The dome has five LED colors — red, white, yellow, green, blue — which are used to make an assortment of different patterns and combinations.


The dome features a series of pre-programmed effects, as well as two sound activated effect modes. But if you’re a sophisticated enough disc jockey, you can also attach a DMX 512 controller board to give your lighting a personalized touch.



Setting up the effects is quite easy once you understand the three different lighting modes: automatic, sound activated, and DMX 512. Here’s a rundown of the effects modes:

Automatic Mode: Mode Display shows A1-A8
A1 Lighting Effect: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue
A2 Lighting Effect: Red
A3 Lighting Effect: Green, Yellow
A4 Lighting Effect: Blue, White
A5 Lighting Effect: Red, Blue, White
A6 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change
A7 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change and flash
A8 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change
Sound Control Mode: If the Mode Display shows S1 and S2, it means Sound Control Mode
S1 Lighting Effect: LED light flashes. Motor would not rotate
S2 Lighting Effect: LED light flashes and color changes. Motor rotation controlled by ambient sound volume and rhythm
DMX 512 Control Mode: If the Mode Display shows AXXX (XXX means 3 numbers from 000 to 255), it means DMX 512 Control Mode
AXXX Lighting Effect: Dome Light is controlled by 6 channels of DMX512

All of the modes are fun to play around with. I should also mention that you can adjust the rotation speed of the lights by pressing the “UP” or “DOWN” menu buttons.

The party’s cut short

Perhaps the two biggest flaws to this device are 1) the length of the power cord, and 2) the lack of any remote control.

The remote control issue is obviously fixed by using a DMX 512 controller, or switching the dome to sound activated mode. But I would love to be able to control the lighting scheme remotely, especially if this were hung high on a ceiling somewhere.

The approximately 60 inch power cord means that if your intended hang spot is on the ceiling, you’ll need to wire for electricity, or run an extension cord — dark room plus tripping hazard; we’re all attorneys here. Although this dome is mountable using the attached screw holes, you’ll need to carefully plan your placement.

The perfect placement

I think this would be a great addition to a school or church gymnasium (dance), or for your own, personal party room. I could imagine adding this to a media or game room for some fun and enjoyment. Personally, I placed the ball under the house eaves — no, it’s not waterproof, or even water resistant — for some fun Christmas-time coloring.

At $36, if you’re looking for a LED light to complement your party atmosphere, this 1byone Dome LED light is perfect.

Jeff Taylor

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Bob Marshall · December 8, 2015 at 12:32 am

Why put it in a briefcase? I’m going to mount one on a bicycle helmet and wear it during my next jury trial!

    Jeff Taylor · December 8, 2015 at 5:13 am

    Great idea! A sort of, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” effect. Mesmerize the jury.

    Is that considered tampering?

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