Lumsing sent me these noise-isolating Bluetooth earbuds that I’ve been testing for about 3 weeks. The price of these accessories is really dropping, and at $19.99, this is one item you’ll want to add to your on-the-go bag.


Compact and comfortable

The first feature you’ll notice is that these earbuds are compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket, but still comfortable enough to wear. The headphones weigh a mere 17g, so you’ll barely feel their weight on your ear or tucked away.


Unfortunately, because all of the radio and speaker components are shoved inside each earbud, the profile of each earbud is a little heftier.

breakout-lumsingSo, unlike your traditional wired headphones, you’re not going to win any fashion awards, and everyone will notice you’re wearing these. Just be forewarned.

Setup is simple

Getting the headphones paired with your phone or tablet is a simple task. The pairing/power button is located on the side of one earbud. Simply hold the button for about 5 seconds to enter pairing mode.

A volume up and down button gives you additional power to blow out your ear drums while listening to loud music.


These headphones have a built-in microphone so you can take calls while you’re listening to your favorite podcast or radio station. The microphone is decent, but it doesn’t create fantastic call quality. In almost every telephone call the person on the other line presumed I was muffling the speaker. This could be a result of my earbud placement, or just simply the earbud’s speaker. (I’m not saying that this sound quality effected the conversation at all.)

One of the other flaws of this earbud is the microscopic, almost impossible to open, charging door.


There’s a finely-placed slot to access the flap, but unless you have longer, thin fingernails, it’s difficult to open. I have to hunt the house for a pin or something similar to be able to flip open the flap. I’m not sure of any other way to design the flap, but it’s really inconvenient.


Although a lot of headphones claim they are “noise cancelling,” they’re really more noise reducing. Lumsing advertises these as noise limiting earbuds, which is probably a better description. In reality, you’ll still hear distant noises, but they’re more muffled. For instance, I was using the leaf blower with music on medium volume, and I could barely hear the engine whine.

The “clear voice capture” technology is also supposed to enhance the call conversations, but you can see my comments above for my experience.

Available for a lot of activities

Get ready to take these Lumsing headphones out for a number of activities. They’re “sweatproof” (probably water resistant), so you can exercise and enjoy yourself.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive set of high-performing Bluetooth earbuds, you’re not going to be disappointed with these earbuds from Lumsing.

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