Android App Review: Risk Big Screen Edition

One of my favorite board games is Hasbro’s, Risk. This global domination strategy game puts you against your opponents in a winner-take-all land grab; conquer or be conquered.


Well, Hasbro is introducing the game for mobile devices, which includes an option to play on your Chromecast.

To conquer, or be conquered


The game is very much like the original board game (and its iOS companion). There are two different boards to play, French Revolution and Classic.



The game play features multiple methods of challenging friends, including online. The settings also allow “pick up” style challenges with other, unknown players of the same caliber. That’s nice, since even the game’s hard mode is pretty difficult — I lost one game in about 2 minutes.



I like adding 5 computer opponents and beating them all — you’re given more opportunities to conquer and obtain all of their action cards.

Flip it to the big screen

The Google Cast function is really cool for big groups. Unfortunately, the game won’t recognize my Nexus 5 device as cast-enabled, so it’s a defunct device.


Otherwise, when the game works, the board appears on your television, leaving your mobile device to show the miniature sized version. In reality, what you see on the screen and on your mobile device won’t differ too much.

Also, if you’re trying to play a number of different friends with different devices, each player will need to purchase his or her own copy of the game. At $5.99, you’re going to shell out some cash. I’m really not a fan of this, and here’s where I wish Google would open multi-user Google Play accounts. Obviously, since cash is king, opening Play Store for “family share” accounts deducts from developer revenues.

Classic game play condensed

If you’re a fan of the board game, you’ll probably like the mobile, big screen, version, too.





My real complaint is that easy opponents are almost too easy, and the hard opponents are really hard — the AI needs fine-tuning.


Note: Hasbro has other “big screen” apps, but this one is my favorite.


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45 Responses to Android App Review: Risk Big Screen Edition

  1. Trying to figure out a way to remove the vibration when your turn comes up. I’ve tried everything on my phone settings but the app seems to just bypass everything.
    Anyone do this successfully on an android?
    If you’re wondering why I need this, 1 my phone battery gets destroyed fast when I play. 2 i play in bed and sometimes my wife is sleeping… It’s kinda loud.. 🙂

  2. Ever figure out the Chromecast issue? My Nexus7 tablet gives the same error despite all other Hasbro games working on Chromecast and Risk Big Screen works on my iPad!

  3. I’m having an issue with my Risk game I went ahead and purchased it and then I bought the additional maps. Now it seems that I can no longer find local games I can create a game but seems that no one can join my game so I’m now stuck playing the computer where I can no longer play live players anymore. Does anybody have any similar issues?

  4. How do you change the level or class that you are? I’ve been stuck on novice for a week and even playing the experts ai, I still not leveled up.

  5. Anyone know how to pause the game when playing several RL friends? Our phones are Android based. Thanks for any help.

  6. Has anyone yet found answer to how you can have your own class promoted from novice? Minor issue but I now around 50 wins and a handful of defeats against Expert AI and still listed as novice.

    • You have to play online and/or play with friends in order for your rank to move up. Your rank is based on where you finish in each game (i.e. you get credit for finishing 2nd versus 6th) and the rank of the opponents you beat.

    • You have to play good online. Playing against the ai doesn’t count. Go in the app, click leader boards on the bottom right hand side of the screen. It’ll explain everything

  7. Okay so after playing this game for about 5 months I became a novice. But as I was playing around June, it reverted me back to a beginner. I’m so confused as I have been getting progressively better against AI and online opponents.

  8. I’ve played about 250 games now, mostly against expert AI, and still 100% novice. Under one of the achievements it says “Start a Game Using Matchmaker.” It’s says it’s not completed, yet I begin every game that way. What is up with this? Is there even another level? Would it even matter? Unless there are new maps or something, we all seem to be getting worked up for nothing. Yet it’s irritating to be a novice…
    I’m Dr. Furioso for anyone who wants to play.

  9. I’ve been trying to figure out the leaderboard thing for a while. It goes Novice -> Beginner -> Intermediate -> Expert -> Master -> Grandmaster. Your standing is heavily (but not totally) influenced by your win/loss record and you can slide back and forth along the scale. I hit a nasty losing streak and dropped from Intermediate (ranking in the mid-400’s) all the way back to Novice (ranking in the low 100,000’s!).

    Speaking of losing streaks, the dice algorithm is atrocious. The RNG isn’t truly random. I had a territory with seven armies attacking a territory defended by one army. My opponent rolled six straight sixes. The odds against that are (1/6)^6. I’m in contact with the development team and they say that they’re working on fixes to the device compatibility and dice roll issues. We’ll see. All in all, it’s a great game when it’s nice and infuriating when it’s not nice.

  10. Does anyone know how to activate the blitz roll? Or unactivate it? My turns take forever while opponents cruise through their turns taking make territories. Help please.

  11. I too would like to know how to move up in rank? The dice thing I agree with everyone about that. You have 7 armies and the other person has 1 army and you roll and all of sudden your wipe out. The maps are nice, but if a country is worth 2 points, then there should only be 1 way of getting in. If a country is worth 3 points, then 2 ways of getting in and etc.

    • Click on the question mark to the left of your ranking…listed under your profile to the right of your avatar picture. This explains how you can improve your ranking.

  12. Is there any way to figure out what the territory names are (for the non-traditional maps) other than memorizing all the cards as they randomly come up?

  13. There is no way that I am aware of. I did sent an email to their support team suggesting that they add the names so that if you click on a territory it will show the name. I also suggested that they show the bonus value for each bonus territory group in the background.

  14. Does anyone else have the issue of flicker when casting to chromecast?
    I’m using an “nvidia shield K1 tablet” and was casting to a chrome cast 1 only the music would stop and the on screen characters would constantly flicker on the tv.
    I bought a chromecast 2 only, so now the music plays but the characters still flicker a bit sometimes in the fortification phase the whole screen on the tv will flicker.

    I would love if they listed territory bonuses on the empty space to the right of the map in chromecast (e.g. 10-12 = +1) & instead of stating what percentage on the players say how many territories they have

  15. People complaining about dice being bad because they lost 7 v 1 have obviously not played enough real life Risk. In one game recently, I lost 22 units against a neighbouring 3! Yes, random can mean you lose a lot in a row! I’ve also seen 16 reds in a row in roulette. Random can be cruel!

  16. What Shone said. Dice rolls are a tough customer. Losing 7 to one isn’t unusual. Especially since on the last 2 rolls you get 2 dice and then one. Having played more real life Risk than I care to admit myself.
    What would be nice is to see your raw Elo score.

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