Right now, I’m binge watching The Flash, a CW program, on Netflix. I’m sort of a comic book guy—I loved them as a kid, but got out of the habit since accumulating a crushing amount of student loan debt—so I’m pleased to see Google’s new announcement that comics are available on Google Play.

Google Play Comics

The new upgrade makes it easier to read comic books on a smartphone or tablet.

Read away!

We’re almost done with 2015, and we’re starting to hear rumors of 2016 model phones, so now is probably a good time for a post on Android’s best phones for 2015.

Android Wear watches are getting LTE support, beginning with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. Personally, and despite my love for Dick Tracy comics, I’m not a fan of speaking into my wrist. I much prefer using headphones or, heaven forbid, my phone’s actual speaker held against my head. I also realize some folks think this is a good move. (And I’m not a fan of adding one more data plan for a device that’s hardly the most convenient thing to use.)

If you have an extra $1,500, and you’re looking for a new Android Wear watch, check out the TAG Heuer Connected.

TAG Heuer Connected

Apple Music is available on Android. I haven’t, and won’t, test out the product (although I think it’s a great idea and benefit), but here’s some commentary that offers thoughts for Android users.

I joined Dennis Kennedy on the stage at the Missouri Bar’s lexPORT event. But one of Dennis’ presentations I missed was on technology competence for lawyers. Yup, it’s an important topic, and Dennis does a good job of outlining the considerations.

YouTube Music went live this week.

Offline navigation is available in Google Maps. It’s awesome.

Apparently, you can hack a Google Chromecast and control someone’s home.

Google’s “people person,” Lazlo Bock gives more insight into the philosophies that make Google such a great company to work for.

And finally, since I hate GoGurt snacks (though my kids love them), I’m very pleased to see this video from The Slo Mo Guys.

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