Okay, I cannot believe that I haven’t reviewed this iOttie dashboard car mount holder (all pictures from Amazon).

iottie mount

I bought this mount on a whim, at $9 US. Truthfully, I was sold on the “sticky gel” sales gimmick. I figured if the mount lasted for a couple months, giving me time to look for a more in-depth mounting system, I’d be happy.

And I’m pleased to say that this is the best car phone mount I’ve ever purchased.

Gorilla-like grip

Perhaps the biggest issue with most car mounts is their lasting durability. Most of the mounts I’ve used seem to lose suction after exposure to extreme car temperatures. This is especially true for the summer, when interior car temperatures are easily 115 degrees. Many of the mounts would simply fall off the windshield — sometimes while I was driving — because their cups couldn’t handle the heat.

But this iOttie car mount has sticky gel, which supposedly holds the mount in place for a very long time.

iottie sticky gel

And that is the truth! The suction force, thanks to the gel, makes this iOttie mount almost impossible to remove from your windshield. You’ll need two hands and gorilla strength to peel the sticky pad away. Exposing the iOttie mount to heat or cold doesn’t help. The mount’s gel army just gets stronger and more resilient.

The mount stays in position

One other advantage to this mount is that it’ll stay in place once you tighten all of the screws.

iottie mount screws

The 360 degree head allows you to set this mount in any position, and in any place, on your windshield or dash.

One hand operation

If you’re not sold on the pure set-me-on-the-window-and-I’ll-stay features, then perhaps you’ll love the one-hand operation.

iottie one-hand

This mount might literally be the easiest mount to operate. You simply place your phone in the mounting cradle and the “Smart Tap” feature does all of the work.

Smart Tap is a set of spring-loaded grips that’ll shoot in from the sides of the mount to custom grip your phone. Regardless of the size of your device — iOS or Android — this iOttie mount should fit.

When you’re ready to remove your phone, simply squeeze the two side buttons to unlock the grip. This couldn’t be easier to operate.

I’m not saying that these super grippers will keep your phone locked solidly in place through a variety of rough terrain. But I may have experience travelling down a washboard, pothole-filled, country road at 80 MPH, and having no issues. My brains were rattled and my teeth were jarred, but the iOttie mount and my phone lasted fine.

Irreplaceable mounting

If you’re looking for the seemingly indestructible mount, with gorilla-like gripping power, then you have to check out this iOttie One Touch XL Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder. Oh, and before you think you can’t afford the mount, it’s $16.99 on Amazon. Go buy this mount already.

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