If you were offered a fog machine, I hope you’d say yes. If not, this post is going to get awkward really fast. 1byone has hounded me to try some of their products. I’d shrugged off testing anything, simply because I didn’t need or want another portable battery pack, USB drive, or car charger. (And I really feel guilty about giving away semi-used products, even though I know my readers don’t mind.)

But on 1byone’s last email solicitation, this 400 Watt fog machine happened to be their featured Amazon store product. And since I’ve always wanted a fog machine, but haven’t had a reason to get one, I said I’d take the fog machine. Because who doesn’t want to turn their home into an anytime you want dance party?

1byone 400 Watt Fog Machine

Compact performance

When I was in undergrad, I spent time as a DIY disc jockey. We had an awesome light stand and heavy-duty fog machine that cost way too much. It was a performer, but cost so much to operate, we almost never did. Fortunately, this 1byone fog machine isn’t the same. At $30.99, it’s a budget-size purchase that’s going to give you a lot of foggy fun.


1byone sells plenty of larger sized models, but this 400-Watt version was just enough to fill our house with “smoke” and cause concern for the neighbors. The fog output distance is about 8 feet (2.5 meters). The compact size means this machine measures 9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in (250 x 191.5 x 114 mm) and weighs about 4.7 pounds. It’s completely concealable on or beneath a table, box, or behind a mummy at Halloween.

The fog machine holds about 300 mL of fog juice, which equates to 10-15 minutes of continuous burn. Of course, this machine features an overheating measure, which prevents excessive heat.


This auto shut off feature and the delayed “charging” time confused me. I thought I had a faulty device, but you need to wait for about 3-5 minutes for the machine to warm up. You’ll can continuously spray fog for about 3 minutes before the cooling mechanism kicks in. If the remote’s red light isn’t on, give the machine about 2 minutes to cool down. This should fix the issue and you’ll be spraying fog once more.


Incidentally, if you want to place the machine away from the party, you can try this wireless remote control.

Creating a foggy atmosphere

First, here’s a word of caution: a little fog goes a long way.


The Tots and I sprayed fog inside for about 10 minutes, and we managed to completely fog out the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and set off the smoke alarms. Incidentally, the neighbors came running when they saw “smoke” pouring from the doors and windows. The blaring alarms merely confirmed their fears.


I’m also pretty sure they didn’t find my laughter over all of the fog spewing out of the house quite as amusing.

The 1byone fog machine doesn’t come with fog juice, so you’ll need to purchase some at a party supply store, or online. Amazon has some 1 gallon bottles for about $22.00.

I used these instructions to make my own juice, but the basic ingredients are distilled water and glycerin, mixed to a 70% water/30% glycerin ratio. (I found glycerol near the enema products at my local Walmart.)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any large bottles, so I used twelve 7.5 mL packets to yield roughly 90 mL of glycerin, for about $10. All told, I spent about $11 for water and glycerin, which ended up producing about 300 mL of “juice.” This was enough to fill my machine one time. Next time, I’ll probably purchase a one gallon bottle of glycerin from Amazon for $18. That’ll last longer than I’d ever need.

I’m also going to this trick to create fog that floats low on the floor.


Let’s get the party started

Whether you’re into creepy scenes, or you’ve always wanted a fog machine, you can’t go wrong with this 1byone 400 Watt Fog Machine. The price, size, and fog production are just perfect.


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