Welcome back, at least to me. After a very long hiatus from the Round-Up, it’s back (and hopefully doesn’t disappear again). Here’s what’s happening in Androidland:

Google Keep works across devices, which is one reason I love keeping notes, journaling, and organizing ideas with the app. And don’t forget, you can send notes to Keep through voice commands.

Security for Google Drive is an issue of the past. In the “Lab” at Lawyerist, there’s this question about Drive encryption. Sam answers the issue brilliantly, but fails to mention Vault for Drive. It’s just one more resource.

Google is working to make annoying robocalls a thing of the past.

I really don’t know why more lawyers aren’t using YouTube to make their mark on the legal profession. (And you’re thinking, “It’s because I’m too damn busy.”) If you’re interested in getting into YouTube, check out this video. But remember, YouTube is going to take some investment — time and money — on your part to get it right.

Shameless plug: you can check out my YouTube channel, and subscribe. The link’s above.

Release of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow — more apologies for not covering this more in-depth) looks set for rollout on October 5th. Of course, few, if any devices will run Android 6.0 any time soon. (I’m looking at you, Samsung/Verizon.)

A faster voice search on Android? Yes, please.

If there’s space on your device to switch Chrome for Chrome Dev, go ahead and make the switch. Chrome Dev gives you cutting-edge features, without compromise.

I noticed a few new tweaks in Google Photos app after an update this week.

Since my review, I’ve gone all in with Android Pay.

Android Pay Feature

Are you a fan of Batman or Superman? Well, according to Yahoo! Research, you’re a Batman fan if you’re an Android lover.

Batman versus Superman

Caped Crusader fans unite!

And finally, you can never get too many Chrome tips:

Have a great week!

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