Gmail filters are my go to resource for keeping most unwanted messages out of my inbox. But occasionally, some enterprising spammer will breach my “spam” filter to get his message to me. Most of the time, my response was to curse the filter and spammer, and simply delete the message from my inbox. Now though, Gmail is making my job of eliminating future messages much easier with a new “block sender” function. Here’s how it works.

Gmail app

In the Gmail app, blocking occurs in three simple steps:

Step 1: open the message

Step 2: click the message menu button

Gmail Block Menu

Note: there are two menu buttons on the same side of the app screen. You’ll want to press the lower of the two buttons. This is the button closest to the sender’s name, not closest to the delete button.

Step 3: click “Block [sender’s name]

Gmail Block

The message will show that the sender is being blocked by its IP address, and any future messages will land in the spam folder.

Gmail Block 2


From Gmail directly

You can perform this block function directly from Gmail through your browser by following identical steps.

Step 1: open the message

Step 2: click the message menu button

Gmail Menu Dropdown

Step 3: click “Block [sender’s name] from the drop down menu

Block Sender Gmail

Note the other options in the menu as well, including report spam or report phishing. These options are available in the Gmail app under the first menu button.


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