There are a number of external batteries available on the market — and you’re probably getting tired of seeing reviews. I can’t proclaim the goodness and value of an external battery enough. They’re perfect for traveling, or toting along during emergencies. That’s especially true for this 11000mAh Fremo external battery power bank.

Fremo External Battery

Why can’t I see this?

The first, and perhaps only, real flaw of the Fremo power bank is the way that the manufacturer decided to label items.

Fremo 4

This power bank features two different charging output methods, 2.1A and 1.0A. Unfortunately, because of the way the power bank is labeled, you’d never know they were different. I was shocked to discover I was only charging at 1.0A when I used the “Out1” port.


The second, smaller issue I have is with the power bank’s weight. At 11.4 ounces, you will notice this power bank in your backpack, briefcase, or hand. I’d like to see less intrusive charging devices, but I also recognize the feasibility of such a demand.

It keeps on charging

The Fremo power bank has an 11,000mAh charging capacity. That’s roughly the equivalent of four charges for my Nexus 5.


The two USB ports mean that you can connect almost any device for charging or power — I couldn’t get my ASUS Transformer Infinity Pad to charge from this.

Weight might not be an issue

Despite its 11 ounce weight, the Fremo power bank fits nicely in your hand, in case you need to carry it around with your device. The device’s rounded edges and smooth plastic casing give this Fremo charger an elegant, more sophisticated look and feel.

Users will also like the LCD digital display, which gives you a readout of the battery’s remain charge.

Fremo 2One of the nicer aspects was the fact that this power bank seemed to charge much faster than many others on the market. I obtained a full charge — from 2% — in about 45 minutes when I charged the Fremo using my Bolse power port.

Get up and go

If I’m on the move, I rarely leave without a power bank in my pocket. This Fremo 11,000mAh high-capacity charger is a great option. You can find one on Amazon for about $24, which admittedly is slightly more expensive than other lower capacity chargers. Overall, this a decent device for the cost. I’m giving the Fremo 4 of 5 stars.

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