This Gosin car charger has 2 things going for it: multiple ports and high-speed. Most car chargers seem to putter out with only 1 charging port. This one gives you 4 high-speed ports.

Gosin USB Car Charger

That means when you take a road trip and you’re using your phone for GPS, it’s going to charge faster than it’s draining. You’ll be full by the time you arrive.

Power and portability

The Gosin 48W/9.6A 4-Port Smart USB Car Charger isn’t the first car charger I’ve reviewed. These days, USB chargers are “a dime, a dozen.”

But Gosin goes a little further and provides universal “high-speed” charging across every port. That means you can charge at 2.4A, regardless of the port you choose. This is a powerful charger for power hungry devices.

Gosin Dimensions

You’re also going to love the Gosin charger’s compact design. Yes, it’s bulkier than a standard one or two port car chargers — mine sticks out about 1.5 inches from the lighter plug — but you’ll have the ability to charge more devices at the same rate, and at the same time.

Go after Gosin

If you’d like to bulk up on your portable power, Gosin is the one great option. The portable charge comes in a black-gold or silver-black finish. At $12.99, this is the best car charger I’ve tested.

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