This is 2015’s first Android news round-up. Wahoo! There are a number of exciting stories, including this funny Twitter post:

I’m not exactly sure how bad New Year’s Eve was, but apparently, Google knows.

And in other news:

  • Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Palm. [crickets] Well, those “one percenters” will find this story quite satisfying and hopeful. Maybe Palm will kiss WebOS goodbye and welcome in Android.
  • Are you a trivia geek? How well do you think you’d fare against friends and Google? Test your luck with Big Web Quiz for Chromecast. This looks like a fun new Chromecast trivia game.
  • And in case you’re new to Chromecast, check out this post. (Don’t forget to read my numerous Chromecast posts, too.)
  • Apparently, Samsung has better customer satisfaction than Apple.
  • If you own an Amazon Fire Phone, you can install Google Play Store. XDA has instructions and the apps, plus there’s a video.

  • Hangouts has a “Happy New Year” Easter egg.
  • VPN used to be a good way to watch Netflix outside of the United States. But probably not anymore; at least on Android.
  • This guy must be an Apple user.
    • In a side-story, one of Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s iOS-loving friends lamented how she struggled to operate an Android tablet. “I don’t know how you guys use these things,” she said. My comment: “You have to have some brains.”
  • Here’s an interesting post polling for the best and worst features of Lollipop. Best for me is smart lock; worst is notifications.
  • Google Chrome wins the award as 2014’s best free software.
  • You can set up parental controls and filtering (in addition to guest mode in Android 5.0). Here’s how to make those settings changes.
  • And you’re probably not using Inbox to its full potential. That is, if you’re still using Inbox.
  • Google pays cash to hackers who help plug holes in its software and systems.
  • Stop clogging up your homescreen every time you install an application.
  • If you’re switching from iOS to Android because you got a new phone this holiday season, then take a moment to read this post on migrating without losing files.
  • Every time someone hands me a phone that’s running a version of Android less than 4.3 I want to throw the device on the ground and shatter it into a billion pieces. Here’s an interesting post discussing why older versions of Android OS keep hanging around. Here’s a picture of the Nexus One running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and the most recent version of Google Play store.


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