Mrs. The Droid Lawyer is always trying to show me hilarious videos embedded in various blog pages she visits. The problem is that the picture is usually only 2 inches. And while I certainly love a great slow motion fire breathing video as much as the next guy, there’s more impact in watching these video on our big screen, as opposed to the 2 inch picture embedded on a blog.

Thankfully, I keep reminding her that we’re a Chromecast family for this very reason. If you use Chrome for Android (and you should), you can cast embedded videos — and not just YouTube — directly to your Cast-enabled device. The process is simple. Just look for the Cast icon on any video embedded onto a webpage.

Google Cast Embedded Video

Chrome magically casts the video to your Cast device for viewing.

Don’t forget that you can also cast Chrome browser (desktop) pages using the Google Cast extension.

Google Cast Extension

The Google Cast Chrome browser extension has a few more options, including the ability to view browser pages, that will enhance your media consumption experience.

This Google Cast feature will come in handy as more devices join the Android TV marketplace, and as Google expands Cast compatibility.

Next time you’re watching that funny parody video just send the content to Chromecast to create a shared experience among your friends.

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