Apologies for missing last week’s round-up. I was in a post-Thanksgiving coma and we spent the other days returning back to Oklahoma. No worries, I’m back this week for a bigger, better, and more robust round-up. And don’t forget that the biggest news this past week is this giveaway and your chance to win a Moto X (2014) from AT&T. Finally, don’t forget that voting is available for the ABA Journal’s 2014 Blawg 100 award.

Now, here’s the rest of the news:

  • It’s a good time to grab a Chromecast, if you don’t have one already. More U.S. households are streaming media through Chromecast than Apple TV or Roku.
  • Google announced the addition of more games for Nexus Player and Android devices. I’m not a big fan of the Nexus Player though.
  • If you like games, you’ll want to check out this list of 2014’s best games in Google Play. (There’s also a list of 2014’s best apps.)
  • Google’s also releasing a much more simple version of CAPTCHA for website verification. Most websites use some form of Google’s reCAPTCHA program.
  • AirDroid 3 is available. I tend to use PushBullet, but AirDroid gives you similar capabilities..

  • Android 5.0 just released, but factory images are available for Android 5.0.1. This fixes some small operational issues, especially one that’ll automatically restart your Nexus device.
  • Futurelawyer is presenting an ABA TECHSHOW 2015 panel on wearable devices, but I don’t think he’ll talk about this one quite yet. Maybe he will.

  • Speaking of wearables, there’s a new version of Google Glass ready to make its way to consumers. Unfortunately, I think the $1500 price point and irrational fears put Glass out of commission for most people.
  • If you’re trying to decide between using Office 365 or Google Apps, here’s a good rundown on which one to choose.
  • If a new Android Wear watch is on your holiday wishlist, here’s a review of the LG G Watch R. I love my G Watch, but if you’re into customizing your watch face, you’ll want a round watch. There are more Facer options for round faces.
  • Santa Tracker is back.

Santa Tracker 2014.jpg


  • Here’s a good list of some of the best tablets for business folks (e.g. lawyers). I’d recommend the Nexus 9 and skip the ASUS Transformer.
  • If you have a Nexus device from a carrier (not directly from Google Play), then you should expect longer-than-normal waits for your Android updates. In this case, blame your carrier, not Google.
  • This post has 10 great reasons why Android is better than iOS.
  • I share some Google Docs files with the World Wide Web. Here’s how you can, too.

  • Chrome for Android has a “hidden” reader mode that you can enable. The function converts compatible pages into more “readable” versions of the page.
  • I’m sure you have umpteen invites to holiday and networking parties during this season. Google Calendar can help you plan your season.

I hope you have a great week!

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