When I initially encountered portable charging stations I was reluctant to accept their usefulness. However, since I’ve been using this multi-port charger in my house and this one for the car, I’m convinced that everyone needs one for their home, office, and for long road trips.

Vanbox recently contacted me about testing three of their portable charger products, which includes a different take on wall chargers.


Vanbox 40W 5-Port USB Charger

The first product I took a look at was the traditional 40 watt USB charger. This plugs into a wall outlet and connects to the charging hub through a power cord.


I got mine in white, but the company sells a black version and an “upgraded” version — featuring all “supercharger” slots.

These devices have two “supercharging” ports (5v/2.4A) and three “universal” ports (5v/1.5A). The 2.4A ports work well for charging tablets, or for “quick charging” your phone — about 1.5 to 2 times faster. I use the 2.4A ports on long road trips to charge my phone as I run GPS.

Overall, I like the compact design of the Vanbox model, as opposed to the bulkier Bolse model sitting bedside. Plus, I added one to my desk at the office, since I generally have three or four USB-charged devices unnecessarily occupying space in a desktop ports.

Vanbox Thunder D2 15,000 mAh Power Bank

Vanbox also let me test drive their Thunder D2 15,000 mAh power bank.


Honestly, 15,000 mAh begins to sound like crazy talk. To give some perspective, 15,000 mAh could charge my Nexus 5, about five times. I can’t imagine too many situations where I’d need to use a power bank to recharge my phone that many times. But, it’s nice to know it’s there.

The Thunder D2 features a 2.4A port and a 1.5A port. I love the aluminum case, which gives the power bank a sturdier feel. Unfortunately, the battery storage required to give 15,000 mAh also adds weight. This power bank weighs a good 12 oz (340 g). So you’re going to feel this baby regardless of whether it’s with you in the backcountry or your briefcase.

Ultimately, as “The Tool Man” used to say, “more power!” The Thunder D2 portable power bank is great for travelling around and keeping you charged.

Vanbox (UPGRADED) 4-Port USB Wall Travel Charger

Finally, I’m in love with Vanbox’s 4-port USB wall travel charger. This is the coup des gras of the products I tested, and will certainly replace my Belkin mini surge protector. (I like Belkin’s multiple power outlets, but usually find myself needing USB charging ports, as opposed to sockets.)


This wall charger comes in black or white, with two “supercharge” ports and two traditional (“universal”) ports. If you’re a frequent traveller, add this Vanbox 4-port wall charger to your carry-on right now.

If Santa or his elves didn’t bring you everything you wanted this holiday season, these three power products from Vanbox are a nice way to treat yourself.

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