Following the Android 5.0 announcement, Google released the final developer preview images for Nexus devices. We expect Android 5.0 sometime in November, but many are using the refreshed, “Lollipop” version as their daily driver. I’m one of those people.

Of course, there are still some small bugs to fix — developer preview is to give app developers an opportunity to test and refresh their apps before the final release — before the final release. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced any major issues during the 5 days I’ve been running Android 5.0.

In fact, only one word can describe Android 5.0: beautiful. Material design truly enhances the overall look and feel of the Android operating system, adding some elegance.

Android Police created a page that shows off some of Lollipop’s animations.

AP Google Play Switch


I encourage you to visit the post and check out more animations. Also, for a slightly more in-depth visual look, check out this video:

If you haven’t decided whether to upgrade your device, I’d suggest now is the time.

Some of my favorite features

Easy to setup users is one of the Android 5.0 features I think every tablet owner will love. Android 5.0 permits device owners to grant access to other users, including guests.

Android 5 users

Additional users are easy to setup, and allow the user to customize his or her device accordingly. On phones, you can place restrictions on whether the additional user can send or receive phone calls and text messages.

Android 5.0 also brings a neat pinned tabs feature. The video above showed this off a little, including some of the weaknesses. I see this as a beneficial when you’re giving a presentation by casting your screen and don’t want to worry about disclosing the full contents of your device.

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