Lexis Nexis recently released its Firm Manager case management program. Surprisingly, despite its big-time backing, Firm Manager falls woefully short of the competition. For now, it’s best to stay away from Firm Manager.

What you’ll love about Firm Manager

Importing data

Firm Manager has the easiest data import wizard you’ll ever use — though you should have support to walk you through. The data wizard is simply a drag and drop interface of the relevant information. Each field corresponds to a Firm Manager field, so you simply tie the pieces together then select “Import.”

Document management

Similarly, the document management screen is very easy to use. Firm manager easily imported documents and has a number of different saving features for future management and use.

Calendar sync

If you’re a Google Calendar user, you’ll love the easy Google sync integration. Click the “Setup Calendar Sync” button, associate the appropriate Google account, and you’re off.

Trust accounting and billing

Firm Manager holds the crown for the easiest and most complete trust accounting platform.

firm manager trust

The input screen contained the largest array of information, which easily allows you to track incoming trust payments and associate them with particular client matters.

Firm Manager also uses its array of billing tools to help you create easy to manage invoices that you can send to clients.


Firm Manager is affordable at $45 per month, with each additional user only costing $30 per month.

Where Firm Manager needs help

Document assembly

This is non-existent.


If the other programs were bad at handling accounting, Firm Manager is worse. Firm Manager will create invoices and accept payments, but otherwise you’re on your own to manage the bookkeeping.

Case closed

The coup de gras for me wasn’t the missing features, but rather the fact that I couldn’t close a case. Upon completing a matter, my only option was to delete the case. Thanks, but no thanks. If you’ve practiced long enough then you’ll appreciate having to fan through old matters for information for the client’s new case. Plus, many jurisdictions require that you keep the client’s records for a certain period of time. With Firm Manager, even though the matter is “closed,” it’s going to sit on the screen for months (or years) to come.

Not even close

Overall, I’d have a hard time recommending Firm Manager. If you’re looking to convert to a cloud-based system, this isn’t it. Compared to my current program, Firm Central is a 2 of 10, in its practice management capabilities, and will barely most (2 of 10) of your front office needs.

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