Only one week since the release of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, and now we’re hearing lots of problems with the new device, including “BendGate.” Apparently, the iPhone 6’s aluminium body can’t withstand “pocket time.” HTC and LG each took shots at the new iPhone 6:

Someone pointed out though that LG could have planned it’s French tweet a little better:

lg france

And in other news:

  • Conan O’Brien says you should get a Samsung:

  • Clio held its annual 2 day Cloud Conference in Chicago, where the company announced its new Android app. The company also created a “story” of the event from the several tweets. There are a lot of pages, but the Android app wasn’t among them.
  • Lawyerist talks about the Bestlaw for Chrome extension, which improves Westlaw.
  • And Lawyerist also shows 5 ways to back up your Gmail, but who’d ever want to do that?
  • Google for Work is pumping 3rd party extensions. They should because extensions make Google for Work more fun.
  • The FBI wants you to have “privacy,” but they still want to snoop. I’m at a little bit of a flux on this one, given that there are some legitimate snooping reasons — “terrorism” and child trafficking/pornography — but I think a significant number of other reasons exist that should also prevent intrusion. What do you think?
  • I was looking forward to the HP Chromebox, but this quote pretty well sums up the systemIt’s not going to be your main machine, but the HP Chromebox could be a simple and inexpensive choice for the right person.” Too bad.
  • Here’s a pretty good look at some more detailed features of Android L.
  • November 1 looks like the date set for Android L’s release. Android L will go public after the Nexus 9 announcement on October 15/16.
  • This post has an exclusive look at Motorola’s “Shamu,” which packs a whopping 5.92″ display.
  • Here’s another post with some of the best Android Wear apps.

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