This weekend I’m working on a big new series of posts and I’m starting an even bigger, take-more-time-to-come-together, analysis of the four major cloud practice management platforms. I’ve been busy plotting how to get the content together, so I’ve been preoccupied. Apologies (though I’m sure you’re grateful) for a shorter than normal news round-up.

  • Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 4. Nothing surprising about the device, but we’re going to see a great new device.
  • Evernote got an update. It looks good.
  • Reddit fans probably already downloaded the new Reddit AMA app. This will help you follow Reddit’s popular series of “Ask Me Anything” posts.
  • Sony has a new smartwatch running Android Wear. I’m going to have a hard time picking a smartwatch when the time comes in a short while.
  • This post claims to offer 5 apps to make you smarter, but the first suggestion is Yahoo! Aviate. I’m not knocking the app, just the suggestion. Still, there are some good suggestions.
  • Google’s paying $19MM (yawn) to settle an FTC suit claiming they failed to protect parents from their kids’ app purchases. Um, in case anyone’s wondering, my kids spend $10 million on apps, so I’m taking the first half of the settlement.
  • And here’s an interesting article talking about how Google used to just be a search engine.
  • Is the next version of Android going to be named “Lollipop?” We could find out Saturday. Then again, it might just be for the landscaping. If you’re in Mountain View, would you mind snapping a few pictures of the new flower beds?

Also, did anyone try contacting Marc with all our questions?

    • Motorola is announcing a bunch of cool new gadgets at 2AM EST today (September 5).



  • But Motorola’s livestream event (where they’ll showcase everything they introduced while you slept) is happening today (September 5) at 1:30 PM CT.

  • Samsung announced an Android-powered printer. I’m sure this will cost a fortune, just like all of Samsung’s products.
  • And this is a cool partnership between Montblanc (the world’s best pens) and Samsung. Expect some very high-end accessories.
  • Google Enterprise is now Google for Work. Yes, they’ll still scan your content.

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