Motorola Introduces Four New Devices

Most of you probably missed Motorola’s announcements about its newest devices, including the Moto X (2014) and Moto 360. Here’s a look at the advertising pitch.

Moto Hint

Moto Hint is one of the first devices you see. It’s a Bluetooth earwig headset that’s probably cooler looking than functional.

Moto Hint looks cool, but it’s only compatible with Moto X and other Droid phones.


I loved my Moto X, and now we have round 2. This time Moto X is “bigger, badder, and better.

Just for what it’s worth, the specs are still about the same.

Moto 360

Moto 360

Android Wear’s most anticipated wearable is now “official.” We already had a good idea of the specs, and we know it’s going to cost $250, and be available at Best Buy or Google Play.

Moto G

Moto G is a “downgrade” to the Moto X phone. Lots of powerful tools in the Moto G, for a very decent price.

Expect a full preview later

Motorola will hold a full preview and livestream the even later today.

I’d say this is a really good time to be a Motorola fan, or at least consider Motorola’s Moto X or Moto G phones as your next device.

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